Dec 2, 2008


Ladies in Red

Photo session is over.

One more with my girls. : )

We found our tree right away. It was the first one I Lowes. I had this vision of us heading out one evening to a tree lot and finding our tree all together drinking cider and wearing scarves and hats with snow flurries all around us, but things don't often happen how I envision them. : )
Dax and I did have to teach ourselves a lesson in tying the tree to the car once we got on the interstate and heard it sliding around up there. We pulled off the road and secured it in a much more intelligent manner and made it home fine. It was kind of fun seeing the other cars around with trees on their hoods too. We have a fire station next to our house and Dax made the observation that they probably shouted "Nooo!!" to themselves when they saw trees coming into the neighborhood like ours.


Hannah helping out a little- still not quite coordinated enough to hang them.

All finished!

Here are our "socks" according to Hannah. "Socksies" after we taught her what they were really called.

Chloe looking dubious about all the changes around here.

We also decided to decorate our garage with this new freezer!

Our beloved snowman is back and getting aired up.

Hannah likes this addition. I always laugh at these things in everyone's yard when they are deflated, just piles of colorful plastic crumpled everywhere. It's better at night when they come to life.


Leah said...

Your tree looks lovely! I bet is smells super nice too.

gioiarioia said...

I told Danny I'd like to have a wacky inflatable arm man character in our front yard. You know... like the one at the Fiesta Bowl... or like our Wind Ensemble logo!

The Robertson Family said...

Hey we have the Santa! I love the girls Christmas outfits.. Where did you find them? I bet your are super proud of your 1st real tree?!!?!

melody said...

aww! these are all so sweet!
haha-- socksies!! that's so cute!

haha! my word for this time is "turviver"- that's a funny one