Dec 18, 2008

Hannah's Happenings

Dax bought us this little foam Christmas kit to make. Hannah had a good time with the glue and stickers.

We used the leftovers to make Daddy a Christmas card. Someone has gluey cheeks.

This is the "My First Powdered Donut!" face.

Peanut butter play-do! If you look closely you can see my attempt at a snowman- not so snowy-looking in brown.

Dax did this library take-home project with Hannah using Smartees.

Lately when I open Hannah's door in the morning she looks like this! I think she's been getting in some jazzersize before her day begins.

Pig tails and Cracker Barrel toys are a good combination. She has reached the "ignoramoose" level.

Don't look at me- she did this to herself : ) She was sitting in the corner about 3 seconds before this. Maybe she didn't want her 1232nd picture taken.

Gingerbread Storytime at the library. They read, sang songs, and performed a puppet show. Hannah as usual was the only one to leave her parent to go mess with the props : ) Chloe watched with perfect attention.

What a mess!!!!! Anyone want to earn a few bucks?


The Robertson Family said...

Haha Hannah is looking a lot older! Playing with peanut butter...what a sticky mess!! Why did you want to know if Kayla was allergic to peanuts? I am though. Cute hair styles and Chloe falling on the couch is funny. Yall have been busy with fun activities.

melody said...

before i saw the caption for the donut picture, i was like, oh no!! i thought it was glue!

looks like hannah and chloe have been getting to do a lot of fun little things!

i would laugh so hard if i walked in hannah's room and she had put on a headband like that! it would even be funnier every time