Dec 13, 2008

Just for fun

On one of the blogs I keep up with their little boy (Hannah's age) loved playing with a box cut out to be a robot costume with a hole in the top. I thought Hannah would like this so I tried it. Despite my example and the brave examples of her stuffed animals she would not put her head through that box! We found other ways of playing with it instead. Yes, that is a Dora doll, her first commercial character item. Her great aunt has broken our streak.

We have a few fun Christmas animals who sing. This one ribbits "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" but his battery is dying so it sounds like a bunch of random burps now. Hannah enjoys it.

Now Chloe does. : )

I was straightening the den during Hannah's breakfast and she used her new word "Ew! Ew!"
I came to investigate and yes, Hannah, smearing oatmeal on your leg is gross.

Where is my purse? Oh yes. It's lying next the fridge, empty, and turned inside out...right where I left it! : )
I propped Chloe up on our bed pillows and she was so happy about that she tried to have a conversation with me. I don't remember Hannah being so communicative this early but I'll have to look in her baby calendar. I have a gaziliion of these shots so I'm just going to force 3 on you. I now understand why I have so many baby pictures of myself. It's way too hard to choose just one. A mom sees each picture as a brilliant masterpiece and each one is entirely different from the next. : )

I also want to note that I'm posting all these lively pictures of Chloe but she is indeed still a tiny, limp little sleeper for most of the time. 7 weeks old now!

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melody said...

haha these are cute!

rembraps! haha