Dec 10, 2008

Nothin' Much

On Saturday we went to a craft fair to visit a particular vendor for a particular gift. Hannah's ready to brave the cold.

Christmas baby is ready too.

We found what we were looking for and Hannah brought home a cool new magnetic book puzzle. She loves her letters and this one had lower cases which she hasn't learned yet.

While Hannah is learning letters Chloe is learning to raise her head. Pretty good!

Oops. Hannah thinks that's funny.

After watching countless Supernanny episodes and seeing it work 100% of the time we are using a TIME OUT CHAIR!! I'm not opposed to spanking but at 21 months Hannah just isn't doing anything worthy of it in our opinion...yet! : ) After misbehaving she sits in the chair for about 30 seconds with supervision from us. If she gets up we just put her back. She really understands the chair too well and puts herself in timeout frequently. Yesterday, she was chewing something and I said " What's that in your mouth?" in a demanding tone. She threw down the rest of the crayon and ran to the chair. After messing with Chloe's bath rag after being forbidden, she put herself in the chair, sat for 5 seconds, nodded to herself, and got up to play.

In other news... what is this thing? It was in our garage this morning when we left the house. I nudged it with my foot and it wiggled! I don't know what I think about moving this crazy creature so it's still there.


melody said...

hahaha!! hannah cracks me up!! she is so funny!

oooh!! that's a cool looking little creature- is it a caterpillar? you should try and keep it in there to make a cocoon... it'd be really neat to see what it turns into!

The Robertson Family said...

That big is it??? Preston is going through the "I'm Sorry" stage. As soon as he gets in trouble he pouts, then runs really fast to his room crying and slams the door. Then not even 20 seconds later, he comes out and says, "I'm Sorry" and then goes and plays. We don't have a chair just the corner works fine for Kayla. I can't wait to meet Chloe and visit with Hannah. Kayla and I are coming to Texas!!!!

gioiarioia said...

You've never seen a wooly worm before? I've never seen one that is all black - the coloration is supposed to tell you about the upcoming winter. Most are black with a brown stripe in the middle (the thinner the stripe = the harsher the winter). Looks like you are in for it!

Here's a site I found: