Dec 29, 2008


After the baptism we went out to eat at Chili's and returned home for some board games. Dax really doesn't like this one but he was a good sport and played one game. We continued on without him and forced him to take some goofy pictures.

Uh-oh! The game has taken a turn for the worst! Not really.

We tried taking a couple of shots you might normally see on the box top- everyone having an unrealistic amount of fun. I'm sure poor Kayla thought we were nuts.
So silly! The three of us haven't been together since last Christmas and I had so much fun with them. I miss them so much and I'm so glad they got to come. Merry Christmas!! Dax's family comes in at the end of this week so we are excited about that too.


The Robertson Family said...

HAhA! I wasn't expecting you to post so many of the goofy pics! Kayla really enjoyed playing the game with us and maybe she will carry on our silly ways!

melody said...

haha! i hadn't noticed kayla in the corner of these just looking at us.

melody said...

wait, where are the ones of us smiling and being normal? haha