Jan 5, 2009

3rd and Final Christmas

We officially finished with holidays and I'm typing this on the relaxing first day of not going anywhere. We had a great time though. This past weekend Dax's brother and family came into town. Hannah is not used to seeing so much wrestling- or really any at all- and had great concern when Weston and Hudson were playing around.

Just waiting to eat "Christmas" dinner. Dax made two beer-can chickens on the grill, one of them was a pepsi-can chicken. Both were delicious.

Chloe meets Aunt Kasey!

After dinner Friday night we headed to Anna's for dessert and presents. Kasey had been working hard and painted us all some really neat abstract art on canvases. Dax and Anna got Weston a trombone. Here they are playing Guitar Hero, the big hit of the weekend along with Wii bowling.

Hudson tries on his karate uniform from Uncle Dax.

Saturday we went to see the King Tut exhibit in Dallas. Hannah is excited but she only really knows that we're leaving the house. I guess that's exciting enough. It must be fun when everywhere you go is a complete surprise.

When you purchase tickets you have to sign up for a specific time so they can keep the crowds down. I really hate to think what it would have been like without this rule. It seemed like the whole city of Dallas was there. We had 2 strollers and of course ended up carting Hannah's around without her in it. I felt in the way most of the time but the exhibit itself was really nice.

The gift shops are always the most fun. : ) I look more like a court jester than an Egyptian queen.

Some of the family went off to see more exhibits so Hannah and I worked on stair climbing. She climbed 4 huge flights and even the security guard below clapped for her after the first 2.

Pleased with her accomplishment. Then we went to Cafe Brazil- also a long wait but I thought the fries were really good! Then we went to the gigantic Half-Price Books since we are all book lovers.

Sweet sleeper- tired after all the fun.

On Sunday everyone went to church in the morning and then went separate ways. We met up again for bar-b-que at Dickeys and then off to Beth Marie's for ice cream at the town square. Hudson was pleased.

Hannah wouldn't even smile or look at anyone since she was concentrating so hard on her ice cream- a rare treat.


Back to Anna's for more Wii and family pictures. All of Anna's grandkids together. Hudson and Hannah look so much alike. In fact, when they received our Christmas card in the mail Hudson said, "Mom, why am I wearing a dress in this picture?" It's hard to believe Dax and I started dating when Weston was 3, a year younger than Hudson is now.

This obviously wasn't the keeper but it's my favorite.

The Stokes Family


melody said...

i have several comments:

1. i wish i could have seen hannah watching them wrestle and being all concerned! that would have been cute.

2. that picture of you and hannah smiling is so good!!!

3. that group picture made me laugh really hard because of anna! i didn't even notice what she was doing at first, but then i was like, why is hannah doing that? and saw that anna was grabbing her! haha

haha!! apparently i typed that one wrong, so i got a new one... (clquacal)

Dax said...

Actually. Weston was only one and half when we started dating. He was born in 1996.

melody said...

haha-- i have another comment!

the picture with hannah and dax and the ice cream is so cute!! because hannah looks so cute-- she's this tiny little person, and her little hand is clutching on tight to that ice cream cone!