Jan 23, 2009

End of January

Phoebe and Hannah on their lunch date. They passed their food back and forth more than they ate any of it. : ) We're excited to meet Phoebe's little sister in about 1 1/2 months.

Headed out and time for naps.

Chloe the clothes horse! I went through all the 3-6 month clothes from Hannah and a couple other bags people gave us. This is the stack to be washed! A little bit crazy but at least we won't have to wash very often.

Hannah always wants me to draw Barney on her Magnadoodle and since this happened to be Inauguration Day I added my version of Barack Obama too.

Hannah added her special touch. Hmmm.

How can anyone resist this face? Chloe is great but I'm trying to figure out ways to adjust her sleep habits. Right now she'll only sleep in her swing or with me- nothing stationary. This makes for a restless night for Dax and myself since she is not much of a sound sleeper. Our goal is to at least have her sleep in her "cushy" seat next to our bed. Hannah was able to take naps in her crib by now but I was also able to better concentrate on good habits back then. This will be a long project but we'll get there.

There a few more differences between Hannah and Chloe every day. Chloe is a lot chubbier and a lot more physical in everything she does. She also loves books. Hannah does also but wasn't interested until around 18 months. Chloe kicks, gurgles, and smiles when we read books.

She's also back to rolling over and stayed in this position for awhile to view the baby faces in this book.

Give Hannah some buckets of water and she's your friend forever. This time I gave her a paint brush. My mom used to put me out on the porch and tell me to "paint the rocks" in the concrete. I spent hours doing this. Hannah ran around and painted wooden posts and everything else too.
Also the other day I got to see a look every mother wants to see on her kid's face. She was in a swing at the park and just when she was lifting into the air she had this look of complete happiness and contentment staring into the sky- like she was telling herself "It can't get better than this." : )
Playing hide and seek.

Hannah (with some encouragement) is seeing Chloe more as a sister and less as a little blob that takes up all of mommy's time. She insisted Chloe put on socks like her the other day and this day it was sunglasses.

Carting around her sister in the Megablocks wagon. Chloe's yawning at this excitement.


The Robertson Family said...

Painting with water was always fun for my ids as well! I wish some one would pull me in a wagon every once in awhile too!

melody said...

aww hannah is so beautiful in all these pictures! i like that moment of her being so happy swinging! :)

i don't remember mother ever making me paint with water, but that sounds like a ton of fun for a kid!