Jan 2, 2009

New Year

Guilty? Actually she's telling us she needs a diaper change. I think we'll try potty training later this month when things calm down.

Sweet Chloe in her beautiful blue velvet sleeper she got for Christmas.

On New Year's Eve went to a party at the Frederick's. Hannah was the only girl I couldn't get to look at the camera. The 3 on the left are Father Justin's daughters: Katherine, Zoe, and Thea. On the far right is Anastasia a member of the Sancer clan. We didn't stay very late and at home I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 12:05. Definitely a calmer New Year's Eve.

New Year's Day- We had the liturgy for St. Basil and it was also the Circumcision of Christ. Chloe took her first communion! As you can see here she opened wide for her little drip from the spoon. Hannah loves communion so I'm sure Chloe will too.

Later that evening Chloe and I watched the Vienna Philharmonic concert on PBS. We know a trombone player in that orchestra who got the job while a masters student at UNT. He also went to school at UTK, our undergrad, but we are a few years older so we don't know him that well. Still it was exciting to see him in such a big concert. And we can say we have his old music stand from their moving sale before he and his wife headed to Vienna. Not much but it's something.

Happy New Year!!!!

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The Robertson Family said...

That was one long blog! Haha It was hard for me to do all mine that one day from the holidays! I remember the days that stairs were the most amazing thing and diapers all over the floor is just sooo much fun!