Jan 13, 2009


Mess of the day.

Chloe news: She has taught herself to roll over. This is usually something 4 monthers do so I'm impressed. One day when I put her on her stomach she just lifted up high, pushed her feet out and rolled right over. Dax said he saw her do it before so I kept putting her back on her stomach to see if it was a fluke or not. Nope. She did it many times in a row and even went both directions- left and right. She did it pretty consistantly for a couple of days but yesterday and today acted like it was a nuisance to even try to lift her head much less roll over. It's almost like she forgot. I'm sure it will return. : )
Mid-roll on the bed.

Hannah has a fun tent in the den now. A good place for secret magnadoodling.

Chloe shows off her baby bald stripe.

We finally made it to a brunch at Rick and Raina's house. Hannah found an apple and took a bite so it was inevitably hers. She was proud of the apple and told everyone there all about it. She decided to stand with the men (one not pictures) conversing in the kitchen for quite awhile- their tiny little companion.

Chloe sits with Wendy. She spent most of the time deciding if she wanted to eat or sleep eat or sleep...

The smiling cherub. In other Chloe news she loves to sit straight up with little back support and watch her feet. She is also genuinely pleased when she successfully kicks all her blankets off while sitting in her swing. She has begun to sleep longer at night- once was from 8-4am! However, last night was a fidgety wake/sleep all night affair.

Hannah and I just hanging out in the back yard. This is the first interest she's really shown in this riding toy and now she's too big for it! She instead just walked it into various objects aruond the deck.

She spent a few minutes doing some interpretive dance and general silliness.

Just conversating. This is my new favorite picture. I set Chloe in her bumbo chair to watch Hannah eat lunch while I cleaned up around the kitchen. I turned around and Chloe was grinning at Hannah like a cheshire cat. She wouldn't stop! It was so cute. She reminded me of that kid in A Christmas Story who said he liked The Wizard of Oz.

Dax and I got to go on a date tonight to our favorite restaurant (Texas de Brazil) thanks to a gift card so I'm all smiles too. I'm also happy to return to playng with Lone Star Wind Orchestra. My first rehearsal was pretty rough as the girls at home don't allow much practicing. The second was better and I think I'll be on track soon.


melody said...

haha!! chloe's so funny smiling like that at hannah!

The Robertson Family said...

Just wait until the girls start fighting over that tent. Preston enjoyed flipping it upside down and sitting in it with his toys.

Hannah is like.....stop looking at me...while Chloe is in the Bumbo chair thing haha