Jan 31, 2009

Up to No Good

Hannah the TV zombie. This is exactly why the tv is off most of the day. She watches her beloved Barney and maybe a little of Sesame Street/PBS if I need to feed Chloe and Hannah won't settle down. We keep it at that for now. (Oh- and sometimes Ellen since she mainly dances and laughs through her whole show and I need a mental break by then).
She's such an innocent little sponge. An almost 2 year old shouldn't have to see all the junk adults put on shows, movies, and commercials like yelling, arguing, fighting, guns, sex, selfish behavior, etc. She doesn't know what's real or not real right now. It's just not fair what we expose kids to sometimes. I don't care that she'll "have to come across it eventually." When she does by whatever means I'd rather her think it's an oddity than a regularity. Let's say I turn on a show with yelling and gunfire and even if she's not watching it, it's in her ear, it's in the background. Then let's say I don't have the tv on at all and we sing or do puzzles with some music on. Which is the injustice to her and Chloe and which enriches them? There is my rant for today.

Who me? I took her to the library in this fun warm-up suit and it sure was easy to spot her in a crowd! This might be a good outfit for all our outings now. Haha : )

We found my Herman the Elephant and what better to do than ride him?

Chloe and all her chub.

Just a funny thing. I braided Hannah's hair the other day and she actually kept it in although it got a little messy looking. Dax came home for lunch and when I turned around he was running his fingers through her hair saying, "Your hair is so tangled right now!" He kept pulling it and smoothing it all out. "Umm... that was a braid!" I said. I guess my braid looked more like tangles. Haha! We laughed over it. It doesn't take much.

I may be wrong but I figured I would introduce Hannah to this potty seat that goes over the real toilet rather than a potty chair. If at all possible I would like to skip cleaning out a plastic potty chair 20 times a day. Maybe other moms are shaking their heads at me right now but I figured I would try. She seemed interested when I showed her how everything went. She even agreed to sit on it with her clothes on a couple of times. She promptly said "Down please" so I haven't pushed it further yet. Right now we're just celebrating "Hannah's potty." Here she is carrying it around. She also wore it like a necklace for good measure.

This is no typical game of chess. Batman and Joker Pez dispensers are in the game too. At least they look goofy rather than scary.

This picture just makes me laugh.

Poor Hannah and her crazy static!

Here is where the post title comes in. Just look at this! Notice anything missing?

Oh- here they are! Yes, while I assumed Hannah was playing with her easy click Dr. Suess computer game she was really disassembling the keyboard. I vaguely remember her saying "uh-oh" which must have been the first one to pop off. I should have checked then! Instead I was running around packing her overnight bag to stay with Nana. Shame on me I guess. Dax did his best to restore it back to working order and we are only missing the V and a couple of others.

In other news I judged a Solo and Ensemble contest today in Coppell. It's always fun to listen to kids play solos but I sometimes have a fear in the back of my mind that their families are ready to jump me in the hallway when I give out a 2 rather than a 1! : ) Everyone did well, but there was one boy I really wanted to take home. He was tiny and walked in with tons of confidence with his hair all greased up- really cute kid. He clearly said "Hello, my name is Bryce Vand..nwqoidsdf." He mispronounced his own last name! Haha. "Well, my last name is a mouthful," he said. He announced his piece and his accompanist. He then informed the pianist he needed a Concert C which was her F. He also told her she had 6 measures to play before he came in! She told him he was very smart and he beamed. After he played and left, the pianist decided he should run for president. I would vote for him too. Such a great personality. Most of the kids end up grunting at you but this one stole the show.


melody said...

hahaha!! she put the keys in that little chair!

and chloe makes me laugh in her picture because her tiny little fist is gripping the blanket so hard!

The Robertson Family said...

Ugh I remember when Preston and Kayla popped off our computer keys. It was a pain.... the braid haha