Jan 18, 2009

Works in Progress

Not the most flattering photo to start this post! One of the blogs I follow - Thrifty Decor Chick- (she decorates her home with thrifty finds but it looks like a magazine spread and she has a fun personality) is having an online organizing party. I decided to participate and get some things done. Look at the linen closet before...

...and after. That's it so far. Not so impressive but at least the medicine bottles and household cleaners are out of Hannah's reach. I can also get to things I need now so that's a plus.

Heather came to visit us Friday morning so Hannah tried out her Crocs. We also had fun with Mark, Wendy, and Anna Thursday night. They were nice enough to bring Hannah a little toy pug. Unfortunately on their way back to Denton, Mark and Wendy's car was hit by a refrigerator that fell off the back of someone's truck! They were then rammed from behind from someone following too close. They are okay and suffered some bruises and a broken nose between them. So everyone out there....try not to follow trucks carrying big load that may not be secure- and stop tailgating! You know who you are. Now that I drive around two little ones I can't imagine how people endanger others so much when they drive. You never know who has children in the car and impatience is never worth people getting hurt, especially innocent little ones. There is my preaching for today!!

Hi from Chloe. She's started some exercising now. She loves to do sit-ups and then fling herself backward to start again.

This is the "Tote-ally cool" tote I got for Christmas and it's the perfect thing to hold my current quilting project.

This is the quilt top. It's a miniature quilt for a set I want to make for the Newborns in Need program. This group provides items for premature infants. They take homemade quilts and blankets among other things. Standard newborn blankets are much too overwhelming in size for the babies so these little handmade blankets can provide some warmth in the hospital and become a keepsake for them later. This one could be for either a boy or girl. I downsized this pattern I found and used some similar fabrics from my "stash." (official quilting term) I have a lots of perfect fabrics for baby quilts so I can't wait to do more. This one still needs a little border and the backing of course. I think I'll use a soft flannel. I'll post the finished product sometime. By the way- I did finish my mom's quilt awhile back. It turned out really well and now it resides in Tennessee!


The Robertson Family said...

I guess I need to get started cleaning out our cabinets too!

theprestons said...

Linen closet looks nice. What are the coffee filters in there for?