Feb 26, 2009

Hannah and Chloe Play Some Jazz


So on one of my favorite blogs, the lady says "Get your furniture off the walls!" I've heard this before but thought it would look dumb. Saturday night I rearranged like crazy and we actually really like it. I don't feel like any space has been taken away and it feels cozier. I still want to get some lighter window treatments sometime in the next year. I want something less heavy and a little breezier but I don't have any clue what would look good or what color to go for. All I know is that our house seems so brown!! The curtains are red with a really pretty design but are so dark they just add to the brown I think. They are also too high b/c you can see the top of the window. Oh well- trivial things. I guess not much is going on right now. Can you tell?

I took the kitchen buffet/make-shift table we found in the garage when we moved in and put it behind the couch to hold fun things. Now Hannah has a little kitchen station.

Looking at online kiddie videos with Daddy.

I was cleaning up after breakfast one morning and didn't hear Hannah. We all know that's a bad sign. Then I found her innocently reading books in the corner. She does normally wear clothes but breakfast was especially messy. : )

We visited Megan and Phoebe again. I love this one of Phoebe trying to get at Chloe and the adult hand pulling her back.

You push me....

...and I'll push you! Megan was feeling some contractions while I was there and lo and behold, about 12 hours later (this morning at 3am) she had little Finley Anne. Congratulations Megan!

After our visit we headed home. Dax held a jam session with the girls while I mowed the lawn.
Videos to come.

...and after. Babies grow fast! Chloe is 4 months old now!

Feb 21, 2009

Chloe's Accomplishments

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Papaw!

We had our house blessed this week. Hannah is following Father Justin who is sprinkling holy water as we sing. ..."When Thou in the Jordan was baptized, O' Lord, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest for the voice of the Father bare witness to Thee, naming Thee His beloved Son, and the Spirit, in the form of a dove, confirmed the certainty of that word. Thou hast appeared, O Christ our God, and dost enlightened the World, Glory to Thee.

Chloe is coming along. She can pull up off her chest now. She does not roll over anymore but she also doesn't spend that much time on her stomach due to her disliking being on the floor at all.

She does seem to like standing- or rather putting weight on her legs.

Lastly she is holding objects longer now. She doesn't really play with them so far. I can tell she hasn't quite connected her hands with her brain yet!

What is this thing?
I love to shop at thrift stores. Usually I just browse around but more on a budget now I only go if I'm looking for something. Lately I've been on the lookout for nice looking baskets with lids to hide things so we don't have to look at stuff everywhere. In the meantime I did pick this item up because I just liked it. What is it though? It could stay on the fireplace like this or it could go upside down as some kind of sconce. I'm not really sure- any opinions?

This one hides all the bibs and baby rags.

This one will hold Hannah's bath toys and towels. There's one of her birthday presents peeking out. Barney just isn't in the stores anymore so I finally found one at a thrift store- throw him in the washer and he's as good as new. Both of these nice baskets were at total of $6. That's a deal!

Feb 17, 2009

Daddy's Girls

We visited Dax at work the other day and brought him lunch. Chloe had never been there. It's not usually so exciting since it is a library and we have to be quiet. Dax doesn't officially get breaks either the way his hours are set up so we have to make really quick visits.

Here is Hannah with one of the student workers. For some reason she would only make this face at her.

Dax doesn't have many pictures with the girls. Neither do I, really. But this is a good one.
We had a good Valentine's too. Dax and I went to eat Friday night. Hannah and Chloe both received cards from Grandma, Papaw, and Nana. Dax got me some tulips (my favorite) and a Fanta : )

I thought about ways to cut costs this spring and had the idea of making Hannah some t-shirts rather than buying all of her spring clothes. I borrowed some fabric paint but could not find any blank t-shirts her size! The craft stores sell "Youth" as their smallest- nightgown size for a toddler. So in the meantime I painted on these little totes. I figure Hannah can use them as snack bags for the car! I couldn't get all of the colors to squeeze from the tubes and one tube of black even exploded all over me so these are paintings I ended up with. I kind of like them, but as usual my original idea is far from completed.

You know what? I just realized that Dax found some undershirts that could work and brought them home. I thought he was just getting Hannah undershirts but now I get it!

The more the better!

Feb 11, 2009

More Videos

The first video is just Chloe being happy. The second has special title : Chloe's Sisterly Compassion... or lack thereof. :)

Valentine's Cards

Monday we were invited to a Valentine Card making party. Hannah made 2 cards. They had tons of stickers, stamps, markers, etc. and we had fun putting them together.

Chloe hung out on this comfy leather chair.

Soon everyone went their own way.

Hannah found this cool toy. She's probably a little old for it but we might look for it for her birthday. We can't decide whether to have a little party or not. We'll have to see.

Next we decorated heart cookies. They were delicious as was the mac and cheese lunch Jessica provided.

Chloe's playdate was asleep.

Hannah is now willing to sit on the potty before or after her bath. She thinks the little seat is pretty exciting. After her bath I'm actually able to get her to stay on it a bit without the diaper. No results yet but it's a start.

Chloe's bewildered face. : ) She is now taking 1 -2 naps in her bassinet during the day and sleeping 2-4 hours in it at night before she decides to join me in the bed. After another couple of hours she heads to her swing in the den.

After 50 takes this is the closest I could get Hannah to sit with a smile!

This is what Chloe does through every meal. She chews on her hands and stares at everyone's food. You'll get food soon enough, Chloe!

Feb 6, 2009


Here is Hannah receiving her beloved Elmo doll from Dax. She loves Elmo now, and not even from watching Sesame Street (although I do admit to now turning on his segment of the show in the mornings- it's pretty cute). It was from a bib she got for Christmas. I told her his name and she was in love.

Here is Chloe being stubborn- this is her disgruntled look! I've been trying to get her to sleep in her bassinet verses being so dependent on her swing. In this picture she has woken up for the 5th time. However, since this picture she is taking to it better. She slept for 6 hours straight in her bassinet last night!!! I hope this will repeat soon.

A new friend invited us to Teddy Bear picnic at the Lewisville Library. Hannah's ready to go!

Here we are with our picnic blanket. They read books and sang songs about bears and even passed out baggies of Teddy Grahams. Hannah was a little confused. She wasn't sure what all the hubbub was about. The were about 10x more people than there are in this picture of Hannah picking her nose.

Chloe borrowed a little baby bear and didn't seem too bothered by all the commotion. Next came the parade. All the children and parents paraded around the library in a circle showing off their bears. As expected, in anything we do, Hannah likes to be the exception....

She chooses her own aisles to parade in....

She watches all the other moms and toddlers from the middle of the room instead of parading...

Now she's headed away from the parade entirely....

...and the parade is completely forgotten. Haha! She just has a mind of her own.

Here we all. It looks like I'm strong-arming poor Hannah but it's really because she just lost her balance. She is still the biggest klutz. She was literally standing in my closet this morning and just fell down. Good bye for now!