Feb 21, 2009

Chloe's Accomplishments

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Papaw!

We had our house blessed this week. Hannah is following Father Justin who is sprinkling holy water as we sing. ..."When Thou in the Jordan was baptized, O' Lord, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest for the voice of the Father bare witness to Thee, naming Thee His beloved Son, and the Spirit, in the form of a dove, confirmed the certainty of that word. Thou hast appeared, O Christ our God, and dost enlightened the World, Glory to Thee.

Chloe is coming along. She can pull up off her chest now. She does not roll over anymore but she also doesn't spend that much time on her stomach due to her disliking being on the floor at all.

She does seem to like standing- or rather putting weight on her legs.

Lastly she is holding objects longer now. She doesn't really play with them so far. I can tell she hasn't quite connected her hands with her brain yet!

What is this thing?
I love to shop at thrift stores. Usually I just browse around but more on a budget now I only go if I'm looking for something. Lately I've been on the lookout for nice looking baskets with lids to hide things so we don't have to look at stuff everywhere. In the meantime I did pick this item up because I just liked it. What is it though? It could stay on the fireplace like this or it could go upside down as some kind of sconce. I'm not really sure- any opinions?

This one hides all the bibs and baby rags.

This one will hold Hannah's bath toys and towels. There's one of her birthday presents peeking out. Barney just isn't in the stores anymore so I finally found one at a thrift store- throw him in the washer and he's as good as new. Both of these nice baskets were at total of $6. That's a deal!


melody said...
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melody said...

i like the basket idea! haha-- you know how i like putting things in little boxes and containers...!

that picture of chloe holding that toy but not doing anything with it is so funny

i didn't know if you deleted a comment it would still have it there that i had written one! i deleted it, because there were some typos and it bothered me!

The Robertson Family said...

I have a Barnye, Baby Bop, and BJ if you want them haha all you had to do was ask! We went on the same hunt for a Barney doll.