Feb 17, 2009

Daddy's Girls

We visited Dax at work the other day and brought him lunch. Chloe had never been there. It's not usually so exciting since it is a library and we have to be quiet. Dax doesn't officially get breaks either the way his hours are set up so we have to make really quick visits.

Here is Hannah with one of the student workers. For some reason she would only make this face at her.

Dax doesn't have many pictures with the girls. Neither do I, really. But this is a good one.
We had a good Valentine's too. Dax and I went to eat Friday night. Hannah and Chloe both received cards from Grandma, Papaw, and Nana. Dax got me some tulips (my favorite) and a Fanta : )

I thought about ways to cut costs this spring and had the idea of making Hannah some t-shirts rather than buying all of her spring clothes. I borrowed some fabric paint but could not find any blank t-shirts her size! The craft stores sell "Youth" as their smallest- nightgown size for a toddler. So in the meantime I painted on these little totes. I figure Hannah can use them as snack bags for the car! I couldn't get all of the colors to squeeze from the tubes and one tube of black even exploded all over me so these are paintings I ended up with. I kind of like them, but as usual my original idea is far from completed.

You know what? I just realized that Dax found some undershirts that could work and brought them home. I thought he was just getting Hannah undershirts but now I get it!

The more the better!


melody said...

those are cute little bags! good idea!

that makes me laugh about hannah only making that one face with that girl

The Robertson Family said...

I recognize those teddy bear pj's. Both Kayla and Preston wore those ha. Get ready for the pony tail stage. I don't know how many times a day I have to pull Kayla's hair back up because she wants to swap the color or has lost one.