Feb 26, 2009


So on one of my favorite blogs, the lady says "Get your furniture off the walls!" I've heard this before but thought it would look dumb. Saturday night I rearranged like crazy and we actually really like it. I don't feel like any space has been taken away and it feels cozier. I still want to get some lighter window treatments sometime in the next year. I want something less heavy and a little breezier but I don't have any clue what would look good or what color to go for. All I know is that our house seems so brown!! The curtains are red with a really pretty design but are so dark they just add to the brown I think. They are also too high b/c you can see the top of the window. Oh well- trivial things. I guess not much is going on right now. Can you tell?

I took the kitchen buffet/make-shift table we found in the garage when we moved in and put it behind the couch to hold fun things. Now Hannah has a little kitchen station.

Looking at online kiddie videos with Daddy.

I was cleaning up after breakfast one morning and didn't hear Hannah. We all know that's a bad sign. Then I found her innocently reading books in the corner. She does normally wear clothes but breakfast was especially messy. : )

We visited Megan and Phoebe again. I love this one of Phoebe trying to get at Chloe and the adult hand pulling her back.

You push me....

...and I'll push you! Megan was feeling some contractions while I was there and lo and behold, about 12 hours later (this morning at 3am) she had little Finley Anne. Congratulations Megan!

After our visit we headed home. Dax held a jam session with the girls while I mowed the lawn.
Videos to come.

...and after. Babies grow fast! Chloe is 4 months old now!


Amanda and Jason said...

Hi Amy! I just found your blog. The girls are adorable, and the new furniture arrangement looks great....and I'd be happy to just have drapes hung! Hope you're doing well.

Amanda Desmone-Curtis

melody said...

your house looks good!! hannah's work station is cute---

hannah is so sweet and cute reading that book in the corner!

that's really cute of hannah and chloe under that thing together.


The Robertson Family said...

I really like it like this!