Feb 11, 2009

Valentine's Cards

Monday we were invited to a Valentine Card making party. Hannah made 2 cards. They had tons of stickers, stamps, markers, etc. and we had fun putting them together.

Chloe hung out on this comfy leather chair.

Soon everyone went their own way.

Hannah found this cool toy. She's probably a little old for it but we might look for it for her birthday. We can't decide whether to have a little party or not. We'll have to see.

Next we decorated heart cookies. They were delicious as was the mac and cheese lunch Jessica provided.

Chloe's playdate was asleep.

Hannah is now willing to sit on the potty before or after her bath. She thinks the little seat is pretty exciting. After her bath I'm actually able to get her to stay on it a bit without the diaper. No results yet but it's a start.

Chloe's bewildered face. : ) She is now taking 1 -2 naps in her bassinet during the day and sleeping 2-4 hours in it at night before she decides to join me in the bed. After another couple of hours she heads to her swing in the den.

After 50 takes this is the closest I could get Hannah to sit with a smile!

This is what Chloe does through every meal. She chews on her hands and stares at everyone's food. You'll get food soon enough, Chloe!

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The Robertson Family said...

Looks like a fun party. We just sent store bought valentine's to Kayla's school. Seems like yall had more fun for the holiday!!