Mar 15, 2009

At Laaaaast!

BEFORE and AFTER : It pays to have a blog. Anna saw my stated desire for different curtains and some came her way for FREE! Only 2 panels matched out of several different style so she suggested trying all different colors. Usually I am much more boring than that but I gave it a whirl and I actually really like it! I used the old curtains I really loved but thought were too dark to make a valance. I didn't really make anything- just folded it in half and hung it up to look like a valance. I think it works well and the whole thing is kind of fun but not too wacky. The biggest thing is the height. When I first enlisted Dax to put up the rod 2 years ago I neglected to give him measurements so when I got home the curtains did not hide the top of the windows, which make the whole higher than the actual window trick kind of moot. After 2 YEARS I finally moved the brackets! What took me so long- too lazy to get out the ladder and charge the drill? Who knows, but it's kind of pitiful. I'm writing this whole blog post about it because I had no idea how much the weird height of those curtains bothered me. I would be annoyed with them every time I walked in the room and now I breathe a sigh of relief. (sigh) You can roll your eyes now. : )


The Robertson Family said...

OHhhh I like them a lot! Hey my curtains are slanted in the bedroom and I have asked Chris to fix it several times and it hasn't been done yet and I am to lazy to do it myself as well. Ha maybe I should just do it so I can also have that sigh of relief rolling eyes here!

melody said...

this looks really good!