Mar 7, 2009

Hannah's Birthday/ Outdoor Fun

I realize I just posted a couple of days ago, but hey, there aren't any posting rules. Besides there won't be much going on for the next few days so why not? This is a long one! : ) Happy Birthday, Hannah!!! I made her this little shirt to wear on her birthday this past Thursday.

Rather than have a party we made it a day full of Hannah's favorites. She woke up to a den full of balloons!

Next she got to eat her favorite breakfast in front of her favorite show- Elmo on Sesame Street. Believe it or not, the entire show was about birthdays and the letter of the day was "H." I thought that was pretty cool- tailor made for Hannah!

Next we went to our regular Story time at the library. Her friend Lillian (in the blue) made her a lovely card. I turned around and Hannah was wearing someone's sunglasses. When we got home she watched Zoo Barney in her room with a plate of strawberries and blueberries- mmm.

I heard about this place a couple of times so we tried it out. What kid wouldn't love this place? It was called Boomerangs and is an entire playland of bounce houses- and only $5 for unlimited fun I might add. She was in heaven...until she climbed one of the big kid bounces and I had to go rescue her at the top.

Yay! The best part was that during school hours pretty much no one else was there. Dax took the day off so were all able to enjoy it together.

Even Chloe liked it, although with all the loud motor humming I would have been a little frightened myself.

Nana came over for dinner and cake. This must be the Happy Cake face.

As for presents for a two year old- what is cuter than ballet? Grandma is paying for toddler ballet class and Nana got all the gear.

She loves her stuffed Barney. She also got books, a little laptop with learning games, clothes, and sidewalk chalk.

The challenge is to avoid eating the chalk.

And finally, she insisted on a balloon bath. Future Hannah won't like all the bath pictures I post but she shouldn't be so funny!

On Saturday we got to do a couple of things I've always wanted to do. The first one was the Great American Clean-Up in Denton. I've always wanted the family to help pick up litter so we participated in the effort and were assigned a nice little spot. Hannah was a little confused but stuck it out for awhile. I loved it!

All clean! It was fun seeing all the teams of people around picking up the town. I love group efforts. Also, it really opened my eyes to how much litter is out there. On the way home I was appalled by the amount of trash- EVERYWHERE!

Later Nana joined us at the park for some kite flying (another one of Hannah's gifts). Word to the wise: $5 kites fly and $1 kites do not.

They are both so cute. : )

Chloe has been hiding her kite flying skills. I'm impressed.

And finally...the hazards of kiting.


melody said...

those little plaid shorts are so cute! and i love her little ponytail

The Robertson Family said...

We just got home from Walmart with some $1 kites haha! Hannah looks so cute in her ballet slippers and I can't wait to hear about her classes. A balloon bath looks like a lot of fun! Glad yall enjoyed a wonderful day together.