Mar 4, 2009

Odds and Ends

Poor Chloe is already the victim of her sister playing dress up!

We finally opened Hannah's Christmas gift from Aunt Mary Beth! I don't know what took us so long. It's a mini Build-A-Bear workshop. At first Hannah was afraid of the stuffing. I have no idea why. But after getting involved with the process she wouldn't let me stuff the bears at all so they each have stuffed bodies and flat, floppy faces.

Sunday I had the first rehearsal for our next Lone Star concert called "All That Jazz." Then I rushed back to church for Forgiveness Vespers. It's an evening service the day before Lent begins. We bow personally to each member of the church one at a time (even the little ones!) and ask for forgiveness. It may seem strange to do this if you don't know the person really well but it turns out to be just as meaningful no matter who you are asking forgiveness from- since everything we do and think, good and bad, affects everyone else. After you ask forgiveness you each say, "God forgives and I forgive." You hug and kiss on the cheek and after awhile there are definitely some tears to go around. I love this service. You feel so refreshed and happy afterward- everything is a clean slate and you are ready to start the season of Lent. Everyone leaves with a stronger bond also. Dax started this tradition one year- after the service we go to Beth Marie's Ice Cream to have a last time treat before fasting from meat and dairy. It was just a couple of us at first and now the entire church raids the poor shop every Forgiveness Sunday.
Hannah was in heaven and ate her ice cream like a zombie.

Chloe is just so loveable! She's only upset now if she truly needs something and pretty much smiles all day long. She is getting better on her stomach and can turn a little bit. She's weighing in at 13 lbs now and the doctor says she's doing great. She had her appointment last Friday and then she and I went to visit Megan and baby Finley in the hospital. Fin is having some issues with jaundice and was under the blue light most of the time so I didn't want to bother her with pictures. We had a really pleasant visit at the hospital, though, and can't wait to see them again.

Hannah is a non- nap taker now. It drives me crazy! She still needs one. I can tell with all the yawning and crankiness, but she won't take one. I've tried different times of day and several other things. My most recent scheme is to allow her to watch her Zoo Barney DVD in bed. I closed her in with it the other day and it worked like a charm! The last two days she watched it and the magic was gone. She just played. At least she gets some alone down time and I get a little time to focus on Chloe by herself.

Chloe loves to sit here and look out the back door at the trees blowing in the wind.

Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks? I don't think there is such a thing as too many pictures of Chloe. It's funny when we found out Hannah was going to be a girl my doctor told me she was going to be our little princess. I remember thinking in my head that I wasn't the type to use that word and I was more suited to be a mom for boys anyway so even though I was excited, I wasn't sure how a girl would turn out. What do you think we call the girls all day long? Our little princesses, of course. Chloe is also stuck with the nickname "Clo-Bo" from me. I don't know why- it's just what comes out.

She's just started to get interested in toys. This one might be her favorite. I gave it to her today and she totally freaked out. She had this look of aggression on her face and wrestled with it for awhile.

Cute as a bug!

Neither of my girls seem to resemble me. Here is a good picture to show that!

Ah the days of just sitting in the grass, picking flowers(weeds) in the sun.

Hannah's birthday begins. She went crazy over this ball in Target today and since her birthday is tomorrow, why not. The biggest ball that is- the medium sized and tiny balls she went crazy over on other days. These have become her bath toys since I don't like to kick balls around the house all day.


melody said...

your entries always keep me smiling the whole way through! i have a lot to respond to, so i hope i don't forget anything...

first, i can't wait to see chloe again now that she's up and doing things... haha! i like how she likes looking out the window at the trees...

i like how you word things- it made me laugh about chloe discovering that toy and looking aggressive with it and fumbling around with it... haha! it's always so funny to wonder what's going on in their minds when they're doing things... there was something with hannah in this entry too that was funny, but i forgot it!

melody said...

haha!! i had to type this comment, because the word verification is "boing" haha!
usually none of them are real words, so that means somehow randomly that word was made

gioiarioia said...

I want to see comparison photos of the two girls at approximately the same age. I can't remember what baby Hannah looked like!

And since I'm bound to forget later, remember you can get Chloe a FREE visual health/function exam before 1 year old in a program called InfantSee.

Recommended eye exams for kids are at 6 months, at 3 years, and before starting school.

end of optometry spiel

melody said...

oh yeah! one of the other things i was going to write was how i like how that church service sounds! i think everyone should do that at least once in a while


The Robertson Family said...

Chloe and Hannah look so different from each other. I am excited to see yall Spring Break!