Mar 21, 2009

Trip to Collierville- long post ahead!!

Spring Break for everyone. We took the family to visit my home town of Collierville. My parents were moving into this house so it was nice to be able to help and to say goodbye to our last home of 15 years. (It was about a 9 hour drive and Hannah proved to us that no matter what plans you make they can be broken. : ) Our plan was to leave super early in the morning and have the girls sleep the first half of the trip. Hannah was determined to stay awake from 4:30am to 7:00pm!
They did well on such a long car ride).

Goodbye Crestover! I remember when we had this house built and my sisters and I climbing on the dirt piles while our parents stared at where the foundation would be. Now someone else's memories will be there too.

That's my dollhouse on the street. My mom and dad put it together for me when I was younger and I have many memories of playing with it. There's just no opportunity to take it back to Texas, no room in our house, and years in the attic meant it needed a lot of repairs. Thankfully a family saw it on the side of the road and their 3 year old, Madeline, took it home!! I kept all the furniture we had collected for it so one day the girls and I could maybe build our own.

Haha!! This is one of the things that really made it our house. We've all had our turns having the gameroom be our bedroom and when it was my turn I drew some lovely (odd) portraits on the closet wall such as this one.

Grandma and Hannah enjoying the last walk down our street.

Papaw rocks his granddaughters on the front porch.

In one of Hannah's books the characters get ice cream from the ice cream truck but she didn't really know what that was. Now she does!

After she finished her chocolate pop I looked in the back seat. She was completely covered in goo and sweetly said, "Again?"

We were so happy Papa Hats and Granny B were able to drive from Knoxville to see us. They haven't seen Hannah since she was 9 months old if I remember correctly.

We relaxed in the hotel room for awhile while Hannah ate a crazy amount of chicken...

Then we walked around the outdoor mall and later had dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger- very good! In this picture: So many times people have suggested to me that since Hannah is having some issues with running off and not staying with us in crowded places, we should get her one of these "leashes." I've seen them before and actually think they are cute. I saw many people look at her like we were trying to train a dog but who cares about that when it worked so well! She loved the monkey on her back and was able to freely roam without having to hold someone's hand every second.

Chloe meets Granny at last!!!

Off to Mamaw's house! I've been showing Hannah pictures of my grandmothers and talking all about them so both girls took to them right away. They've been waiting for so long for us to come to town I wanted it to be a happy visit for everyone. We also brought some of Chloe's portraits for everyone and I make DVDs of the girls every few months to give them too. Even though they're far away they see Hannah and Chloe grow up.

Mary Beth brought Kayla and Preston up the next day. I miss my sisters : ( After much moving, shuffling, escorting many service people around turning on water, heat, internet, etc. it was nice to sit down and enjoy the new house. I enjoyed what little help we could give and can't wait to see it all fixed up.

Hannah opened some belated birthday presents and Grandma read to them all.

All the grandchildren.

Their new neighborhood has a lovely lake so we all took a walk.

What sweet cousins!!

Saying goodbye is so hard!!!!!

We returned home about midnight on Friday (or Saturday) and went to the library the next morning. They are doing some renovating and wanted kids to come paint on the construction walls until they are torn down in a few months to liven up the place.

Hannah and I painted in pink and yellow and got to see our friends the Long family.

A masterpiece!!!


The Robertson Family said...

I have been waiting for this blog! You got some really good pictures compared to mine haha. I am so gald that we got all the cousins together! Preston still talks about Chloe. I am glad that someone picked up that dollhouse! I know she will have fun with it. Saying goodbye to Crestover still feels not real yet! It all happened so quickly.

melody said...

haha! thats so funny that you got a picture of those closet drawings, too- i laughed so hard when i scrolled down to the little moustached man.

i like chloe smiling at mamaw-- these are all really good pictures!

and that's so sad that you had to get rid of that dollhouse, but perfect that that little girl has it now!

gioiarioia said...

Aw... wish we would have known you were in town. Danny was on Spring Break and I was finished with Boards on Wednesday. Could have met up! :(