Mar 31, 2009


Here are a few videos I've had on the computer for awhile- maybe not in this order.
Hannah's destruction of our only little random flower patch. I filmed instead of stopping her- it seemed so representative of having a 2 year old. Hannah's animated storytelling. For those of you who believe she is a pretty quiet child, this is the chatterbox she usually is around the house. Hannah singing her solfege notes. Chloe and her newfound love... crinkly chip bags. Chloe enjoying her exersaucer.


The Robertson Family said...

Hannah reading the book is so funny. She is getting all excited and jumping haha so cute! Chloe with the chip bag is

melody said...

i love hannah reading the book!! that's hilarious!! i want to hear her reading more!
and chloe is so funny with that chip bag!!
oh- i wrote the same thing as mary beth... haha!
i liked all of these videos a lot!