Mar 27, 2009

What's New?

On Sunday, Lone Star Wind Orchestra had its last concert of the season called "All That Jazz." We played a fun opener called Metroplex. Next came an arrangement of The Beatles' Blackbird with the (amazing) 1 o'clock trio from UNT. Last on the first half was Bernstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story. It sounds corny at first but this is the piece Bernstein himself wrote for concert performance and recorded with the NY Phil. It was quite tough. The second half was Strange Humors, a kind of snaky, bongo- like piece. Then came Gershwin's Second Prelude, another piece soloed by the 1 o'clock, and finally Ticheli's Blue Shades- a fun, fast, blues inspired piece. The concert went pretty well and now I have to wait until September to see all those people again! In the meantime Dax and I will play "Crazy for You" next month.

New with the girls: Chloe is big enough for the exersaucer now. She loves it and it's so funny that she is attracted to the exact opposite toys on this thing than Hannah was.

Look at those legs!!

You knew this was coming. : )

We have officially given up our tv. It now resides in the garage. On our drive back from Memphis Dax and I realized we rarely use it, but when we do, it's easy to get addicted. Whatever shows we want to see, we usually watch on the laptop at our own leisure anyway. I've been wanting this forever! I really love it so far. What a pleasant household. Now there is more space in the den and classical music playing in the background rather than commercials. Hannah hasn't asked about it once.

This is exactly what I saw staring me in the face Tuesday night! We've had a small hole covered by a tarp in our roof for awhile. Dax was away at church until late and I was home with the sleeping babies when I heard all this racket in the attic- like someone moving large furniture around. I thought maybe the hole had grown and the wind was blowing shingles and who knows what else around. But when I went outside with the flashlight a raccoon sitting right above that hole looked me straight in the face. I shuddered and ran inside to hear more attic noises. He was going in and out. So I did what anyone would do. I called my mom and dad who researched the topic for me : ) I would normally have not been scared but there is only a simple tile panel between our hallway and the attic, easily moveable with a couple of fingers. If this raccoon wanted to, he could have jumped into the house! I heard they can get aggressive too so there was no way I was sleeping there that night. I packed up the girls. Hannah stayed at Nana's and the rest of us went to a hotel room courtesy of my mom. Father Justin patched up the hole the next day in hopes the animal had left in the morning and did not have little raccoons in our attic. We haven't heard a noise since- whew! It would have been big bucks to hire wild life removal and I also didn't want to be the cause of any harm to the animal(s).

No, I didn't already have another one- this is little Finley Benton, Megan's 1 month old presented to the camera Lion King style.

These two always have guilty looks on their faces. : ) Finley is being quite a fussy baby so we brought her Chloe's swing.

Haha! Does this count as sitting unsupported? I don't know! This is the last time you'll see her with a pacifier. I don't mind her having it to go to sleep with but she wakes up constantly when she drops it or it falls under her cheek. We're not getting any sleep! After some research online I decided to have her quit cold turkey. It's worked well so far. I could tell she was missing it today but she'll be alright.

As a mom I love pictures like these. It also looks like we're going to have two little blondies.

Chloe attacks Hannah...
Hannah escapes....
Chloe is defeated. : )

Something else new: Chloe had her first food today! This is her very first bite. I gave her the typical rice cereal all souped up. She didn't mind it but I don't think she swallowed any. Most of it she spit back onto her chin.

I never figured myself the girly type but you've never seen someone smile more than I did during Hannah's first ballet class. I have never seen anything cuter! Her teacher is a very pretty lady named Miss Rachel. You could tell the other toddlers had taken the class before because they anticipated all the directions and answered questions right away. Hannah participated pretty well where she could as a new kid. : ) She's got 3 more classes and I'm sure we'll sign her up again because she seemed to love it.

Last but not least, I'm doing a new thing myself. I've always wanted to walk a 5k, 10k, etc so tomorrow my friend Heather, the expert race walker, will go with me to the Make A Wish race in Fort Worth. I didn't do any money raising so I'm not contributing much. I just wanted to try something new. Also, Dax has his first softball game (or doubleheader) this Sunday. Pictures will be coming!


melody said...

that concert sounds really neat!

and that picture of hannah in her little ballet outfit is the sweetest cutest thing i've ever seen!


The Robertson Family said...

The raccoon...ahhhhh! I think it is awesome about the t.v. ours is off a lot when I am home too. Kayla is wanting to take some ballet classes, Hannah looks soooo cute!