Apr 14, 2009

Best Place Ever

I've heard about the Dallas Arboretum so many times and have never been. I guess I figured a bunch of plants weren't that exciting but I've also never heard of anyone not loving it. We went today with Jessica, Lillian, and Mikey and had a really great time. I've never seen such a pretty place, thousands and thousands of flowers, a couple miles worth of walking trails, storybook villages, picnics on a lake, fountains, and each place you turned was a new, interesting take on how a garden could be. One was set up like a Roman god would have lived there, another like an English garden, etc. It was like Thomas Kinkade had come to life. Anyway, I was so excited I posted a bunch of pictures and still none of them really do it justice. Here we are in one of the modern storybook houses about a boy and an asteroid. (?)

It looks like the girls are gardening.

Running through the canopy.

Getting very wet in the fountain. A bunch of photography students were there and all hovered around Hannah taking pictures.

Now she has borrowed little Mikey's jacket while her clothes dry.

Chloe had to spend most of the time in a stroller but was the best sport. It didn't matter how long she had to wait on someone she just smiled and smiled.

Our picnic spot.

A cool tree grove.

More mini-houses.


This was my favorite spot but I couldn't get it all in one picture. The flowers all surround a little meadow which was backed by huge fountain waterfalls, grand steps, and all went downhill to White Rock Lake below. My dream front yard.

Hansel and Gretel come to life.

Jessica and rugrats. : )

Hannah and I being silly on the iron deer. What a nice day.


melody said...

wow!! this place looks awesome! i wanna go to the hansel and gretel house... could you go inside of it?

haha- that's cute with the mom deer and the baby deer

The Robertson Family said...

I wanna go!!!! WOW is right! Amazing....your pictures turned out so good! I liked the armadillo sitting beside Hannah haha..I took a double take

The Robertson Family said...

Yes! I have them saved as draft....almost finished with Easter pics and many more!