Apr 6, 2009


Last Saturday I did the Make A Wish 5K with Heather in Fort Worth. It was awfully cold and I was sure it would be something I would turn out not to like. However- I loved it! And you can tell I did if I say that and it was cold- I hate being cold. I'm looking for another one to do in May. This one is for a group that helps military families. I love living in this area because when I looked up more 5Ks there were at least 10-20 listed for every Saturday! Sunday we went to a Church Women's Tea. I had to break the rules and bring the girls. This is Louise holding Chloe. Also, for the first time, I really enjoyed hot tea!

We couldn't stay too long and rushed off to Dax's first softball game. Nana and Hannah raced around in the grass. This picture makes me laugh because it looks like one of those star sightings in the tabloids.

Hannah is fast at finding friends. I love how little kids introduce themselves simply by chasing each other and laughing.

It was quite chilly and windy! Why are there no pictures of Dax playing? Because I ended up playing too! They needed one more female in order not to forfeit. I was really excited at first but after I fell on my face, literally, trying to get to first base I kind of lost my enthusiasm. I wish I had a video of that.

Monday Megan visited with her clan. Phoebe and Chloe have a silent conversation. We also got to have lunch with Nancy this week. I didn't get a picture for some reason. Next time.

Chloe's growing...wider and wider. : ) So squeezable.

I just love pictures like these.

Hannah didn't use to care about about climbing but lately it's been her thing. Also, since I won't swing her from her wrists like she want's to be (friends' kids have had arms pulled out of sockets!) she swings herself from the table. I once turned around and she was doing this in her birthday suit.

I read about carseat safety the other day and realized both of the girls' carseats were not safe and about 5 years older than recommended. I ran out to get new ones and we feel better now. Hannah sits in hers before it's installed.

Well, we can safely say the raccoon is gone but we've been hearing other scratchy noises in another part of the roof. Anna and Dax put up some steel to patch up an eave hole in the aluminum and we haven't heard anything more. Well, Dax keeps thinking he does at the drop of a hat. Paranoia. :) Anyway, I've been frustrated at our lack of getting things done because they aren't "fun." Here is a monthly chart I'm going to make. Gone are the lovely dried flowers, replaed by a huge to-do list. I find this really helpful. I see it every day and it motivates me to mark things off.

One of my items is this. Our backyard has so much potential and I've spent hours standing in the middle imagining the beautiful garden we could have, without actually doing anything of course. On Saturday, I tackled this first. These are nice healthy plants but I really dislike them. They never look pretty despite how much I trim them. I'm cutting them down and putting in a nice container garden. I have black thumb so at least I can try again without wasting large pretty plants inside the ground. I can start small.

This is our neighbor Betty's backyard. I peek over the fence everytime I go outside. I would like this! I did cut down the bushes but I will not show you the horrible war zone it looks like now. I'm afraid of termites too so I tried to move the soil away from the brick and it's just a mess right now. As I tell my students- "It has to sound bad before it can cound good" and I think this applies here too. I really enjoy working outside- especially by myself. That was a good day because then I went to a craft fair- by myself!

On Sunday after church we headed to another ballgame. This time I did not play thank goodness. It was even colder and even windier! Chloe was snug in her seat...

but Hannah and I were not!

Dax takes a practice swing.

Heading for first! Dax does a good job! I really like going to the games. Unfortunately it went longer than expected and we didn't get to go to the Pan-Orthodox Vespers service at the cathedral in Dallas. The new Metropolitan Jonah was there to serve. We were disappointed but we would have arrived at it's end.

Lastly, I'm changing the potty training a little. Hannah will go if you can convince her to sit but she really had no incentive to let us no she had to go. I don't want to put her in big girl bottoms yet because that would just be a mess every twenty minutes. So I introduced "special treats." She gets 1 m&m if she goes to the potty. She has now come to me twice asking for a special "tweet." I hope it improves even more!

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The Robertson Family said...

Hannah swinging on the table hah.. I love the name things on the girls wall. I think you should paint the walls a light green!!!