Apr 12, 2009

Palm Sunday/Easter

This week we were able to return to Boomerangs the bounce house store. We went with the Long family and Hannah had fun running around with her friend Lillian. Chloe was such a patient baby waiting for the older ones to play and for the moms to chat endlessly.

She has a newfound love- magazines. This will quiet her down if she's bored and you can't quite play with her at the moment. She continues to be very sweet and good natured. One of those irreplacable mom moments happened tonight when I was rocking her to sleep. She put her hand on my cheek and kept it there while she jabbered to me and smiled. We had a wonderful mother-daughter conversation.

This Saturday we went to a morning Liturgy at church while Dax was at work and stayed to help tie palm fronds for Palm Sunday (our Easter is called Pascha "Pas-ka" and falls one week after western Easter this year). We took a small portion of the church's huuuge amount of eggs to stuff before next week and the girls played with them. Chloe's getting better at sitting every day.

Palm Sunday!!!

Since it's everyone else's Easter we went to the Benton's house for an indoor egg hunt because of the thunderstorms the night before- too wet! I'm still learning how two-year olds think. After church we were going to return home for a couple of hours before leaving again and on the way home I told Hannah we were going to Phoebe's house, but later that day. She was so excited and so dismayed when we pulled into our own driveway. Of course she doesn't understand what later is! Well, now she knows. After some hugging and laughing she was able to handle the disappointment.

However she has had a rough couple of days! Stomach-ache, slipped down the front steps at church, pulled a cat's tail and got scratched, bumped her head on the window sill, stubbed her toe, and fell down about 100 times. Lots of tears and this is the best family picture we could get!

Chloe found her own amusements.

Megan made all the kids Easter baskets and Chloe got a mini-one.

There were mechanical chickens, chalk eggs, light-up twirly eggs, you name it. Hannah also caught on to finding the eggs quickly.

Chloe too. : )

Which is the reall baby doll? (Also pictured is Megan's niece, Brenna, who looks like a little Annie to me : )

A snooze after a long day. My favorite sight. : )


The Robertson Family said...

Wow, yall have been busy. Cute pictures!!

melody said...

hannah's dress is so beautiful!!

haha-- i love chloe! she is so sweet. :)