Apr 30, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

We've all been sick over here- but not with the swine flu. It started with me getting a sore throat weekend before last and now we're all sniffly, head-achy, tired, etc. It seems like it's been forever since we were are in good health but I guess it's only been a few days. Dax is staying home from work this week just in case. We still have to play the musical every night which under better circumstances would be more fun but we are making it through.

Hannah being dramatic, pretending to take a nap in our blanket basket.

I had to practice some of these super fast rhythms in the musical so Hannah practiced on her horn. Now I have my recurring fever blister on my lip to make things even worse. I'll stop complaining.

A friend held a tutu making gathering and now Hannah has her own! We'll probably not being going to her next ballet class in order to avoid catching anything worse (like you-know-what) while her immune system is down.

I went to write a quick e-mail and came back to this. Poor Hannah was even saying- "chocolate!" while excitedly opening a boiled egg. She thinks if you open anything egg shaped now there will be chocolate inside. She thought she'd hit the jackpot when she decided to do some climbing to get to what she wanted. Oh- the disappointment!

Nana came over to climb on our roof... and do some tree trimming so Ralph the Raccoon could stop finding ways to get to our eaves. We don't think he has returned.

Chloe news: She turned 6 months old!!! A half- year already! She had her check-up and the poor thing, already all sniffly, had to get shots. She has her first teeth coming in too which is no fun for her. It seems Hannah's came in very quickly and she wasn't bothered at all. Chloe's have been about to break through for over a week now. She weighs 16.6 lbs now. She's in the 60% for weight and the 15% for height. Hannah is somewhere around 20% for weight and 50% for height. That tells you how different they are! Here Chloe is trying out her first vegetables- yummy carrots. She's deciding if she likes them or not...

Still thinking....

It's a yes! I'll be posting some saved up videos soon.


gioiarioia said...

Hope you guys get to feeling much better very soon. I think I need to get me a blanket basket to take a nap in.

Yay for your babies growing up! Now that Chloe is 6 months she can get the all-important first (FREE) eye exam courtesy of the AOA Infant-See program! :) Take advantage of it!

The Robertson Family said...

These pictures made me laugh..and the funny thing is that Chris made some hard boiled eggs today but forgot about them and they were all burnt and black and all the water was gone hahaha