May 25, 2009


Happy 7 month Birthday, Chloe : )

We went to a duck park on Thursday with Lillian and Sage. We were almost overtaken by a field trip of older kids but thankfully they left after awhile. They looked like barbarian giants next to our little princesses! Haha. The girls had a good time throwing chunks of bread for the ducks- all 50 of which completely ignored the bread. Then we had a great picnic. Picnics are one of my favorite things to do. Chloe got to try out the baby swing for the first time. She also sat in the the grocery cart seat for the first time and so many people at the store stopped to talk to her. She grinned at everyone and looked so tiny and so grown up at the same time. Also on Thursday we had a great brisket dinner at the Joines home.

I sit for a couple of really nice kids once a week. Here's "L" with the craft I brought. I try to bring something new to do that will take a little time. It's kind of hard to tell if the kids think it's interesting or not sometimes but they participate nonetheless. I'm thinking of bringing some knitting next week- we'll see how that goes. Anyway, this is a CD case cube! We put all our CDs in books and I didn't just want to throw out the jewel cases. It can hold photos, drawings, etc. and in the middle hold pencils, whatever. "R" made his to hold Leggo pieces. I think I'm going to make a few with some cool fabric in the windows.

Chloe has graduated to something else again. No more baby tub- on to the duckie tub! You know who else had to get in too- little orphan Hannah- : ) Her hair is between stages again. We're trying to let her bangs grow out so they will be out of her face for good, but for now she seems to always look like she rolled out of bed!

She likes it!

Also this week I started something new. I was invited to join a book club! It's something I've always wanted to do. We read "The Ten Year Nap" and I had a great time in the discussion. It presented a lot to think about. I seemed to have alot in common with the other 4 women in the group and they were extremely nice and layed back. This month we're reading Sarah's Key. It's historical fiction about the Vel' d'Hiv roundup in France, a part of the Holocaust I didn't know about. The Jews in Paris were all rounded up one morning into an arena by French police and then sent to French camps on French buses..then onto places like Auschwitz. It's an incredibally sad book but also lots to think about so I'm looking forward to the next meeting. I read the entire book last night!

A picture where I don't look like tired out Zombie mom.

Anna treated Dax and I to a movie and watched the girls. I have not seen one millisecond of a Star Trek show or movie but we went to see Star Trek. I loved it!!!!!!! The music was terrific too.
It does make me want to go back and start from the beginning but I don't have a couple of minutes to spare in my day, much less hours and hours, days and days.

Attack of the Red-Faced Monster!!! Oh, that's just Hannah as a lady bug courtesy of Nana's face-painting skills. Our church's Memorial Day picnic was today and wild face painting is always part of the fun.

Chloe is in awe of Rick's bushy beard.

Lady Bugs like to jump in bounce houses.

Some folks brought some interesting instruments- little recorders, autoharps and a contraption set up with different sized pots and a mallet. This group of people played some traditional tunes and others sat and knitted. Looks like an old-fashioned good time. ; )

The Lyda family coordinated the kids' games and Hannah anticipates the water balloon fight.

Ben Lyda showing the kids how to put on the potato sack. Those Lydas sure have a lot of energy when it comes to kids. I got tired just watching them!

Chloe is happy when something is in her mouth.

Haha- I wasn't here for this but apparently the volleyball game grinds to a hault when Hannah decides to take over.


melody said...

haha! i wish i could have seen hannah with that volleyball- she was probably telling them some rules.

she looks kind of scary with that lady bug face!

i like that picture of chloe eating- it's so cute! is that a pickle or a watermelon?

The Robertson Family said...

That lady bug face looks scary! lol