May 20, 2009


Well we visited Collierville (home for me) this past weekend. Myself, the queen of taking pictures of every tiny thing, FORGOT the camera. So these are shots borrowed from my sisters' sites. Actually, I told Dax it was kind of nice not to be digging the camera out of the bag every few second, rushing before the perfect shot was over, being disappointed when someone turned their head..etc. I just got to enjoy the time. I guess I should do that more often. Poor Hannah and Chloe will have so many hundreds of pictures taken of them they won't have any that are special if I keep it up! Anyway....

The drive down on Friday was really nice. The girls were well behaved and I got to read a book. We ate a lovely spaghetti dinner at my parents' new house and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on their gigantic tv. I was super excited to try my dad's version of my favorite dip in the whole world and it was almost identical!!! We don't have it in Texas so now I can make it.

Saturday Dax and my dad went to the world famous Memphis Bar-B-Q festival. Most of the event was winding down but I think they got some smoking/grilling pointers. I took A NAP!!!! It was also my dad's birthday so we ate dinner together and he opened some interesting gifts and cards. : ) Saturday evening I worked on some artwork with Kayla and we had a lot of fun coloring.
Mary Beth and I stayed up late watching what else but HGTV?

Sunday my dad had his wonderful spring band concert. I haven't been able to go to one of his concerts in years. For a director with those sized groups, no assistant, and hardly any private teachers, it is truly amazing to hear those kids. I was especially impressed with the horn sections and many audience members couldn't tell us enough how much they loved him. All the standing ovations were great too. I was very proud! I'm so proud of both my parents who are such hard workers and have touched so many lives as excellent teachers. Everyone but myself had to leave after the first concert (there had to be 2 due to numbers) because the kids were getting pretty restless. The last piece was a John Williams medley which my dad dedicated to me and what a treat! I also got to see my high school director and believe it or not- my 7th grade teacher!

Monday morning my mom and I went for a beautiful walk through the woods to the Wolf River and did one of our favorite things- looking through model homes. It's a Ryan family thing. I got to take a lovely relaxing bath and then we packed up to head home. Hannah and Chloe had the greatest time all weekend playing with their cousins and grandparents. We took lots of walks to the lake- Hannah and I at 6:30am one morning! I was so happy to see my family and so sad when we all went our separate ways. The ride back to Texas was bearable, but I'll just leave it at that! Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Where did your parents move? My parents moved to Rossville last year. So glad you had a great time in Memphis. Oh how I miss those band concerts!
Jill Nelson