May 3, 2009

Crazy for You

Here we are on stage for our debut of Crazy for You. The music is fun, the dancing is fun, the people are's all fun! You can see me behind the empty chair in the first row and a little to the right. Dax is back there too. The star backdrop likes to swing and hits us in the head throughout the show- at least it's cloth.

Here's the theater right on the town square.

You can see how high up we are above where the action takes place. We were told the platform was built like a house and so far it's held us up. If we look behind us though, there is a little rail about knee high and then a big drop.

Dax is getting ready for the show and eating sausage-haha! Doesn't he look nice in his tux?

Trying on these glasses, Hannah is getting ready for the inevitable future.

...and Chloe eats her sock.


melody said...

hahaha!! there's nothing around here for me to chew on... ah.. here's something.

that's a neat stage setup and everything! i wish i could see the performances

The Robertson Family said...

I wish I had something that I did like you and Dax-concerts, Melody- dancing..Chris -wrestling ..Hannah looks sooo cute in the glasses!