May 31, 2009

Lyle and Lillian

Lyle, the red balloon, dreamed of floating high into the sky, up, up, up above the clouds. He and the other balloons bobbed on the breeze, each waiting for the chance to be set free.

A tall boy with red hair came into the park first and chose the big, yellow balloon bumping Lyle’s side. The boy bent to tie his shoe and the yellow balloon slipped through his fingers! Lyle watched as a strong wind carried it up, up, up above the clouds. Soon it looked like a tiny, yellow dot in the big, blue sky. The boy waved goodbye to his balloon and skipped away. Lyle hoped his turn to fly would come soon.

“Which balloon would you like, Lillian?” asked a little girl’s mother.

Lillian chose the pink balloon to match her pink shoes. Her small fingers held the string very tightly, but a small gust of wind quickly pulled her pink balloon away! Whoosh! It twisted and turned and floated up, up, up above the clouds. Lyle looked up at the tiny, pink dot in the big, blue sky.

Lillian did not wave goodbye to her balloon. Instead, Lillian cried!

“The pink balloon is gone now,” said her mother, “but you can take the red balloon.” Lillian’s mother tied Lyle to the sad little girl’s wrist. Lyle was sad too. He would not be floating high into the sky, up, up, up above the clouds. Lillian did not want to lose her new red balloon so she took Lyle everywhere she went.

She took him to ballet class and tied him to her bag. He did not like wearing a tutu, but he did like dancing to the pretty music!

She took Lyle to the beach where they chased seagulls up and down the shore until sunset.

Lillian even took Lyle to the doctor when she needed a shot. Dr. Sue gave them both stickers for being such good patients... but only Lillian ate the grape lollipop.

At night, Lillian would untie Lyle’s string, give him a kiss, and carefully tuck him in between Gorilla Joe, Fannie Frog, and all her other animals before she got into bed.

Lyle and Lillian had become the best of friends, but Lyle still dreamed about flying high into the sky, up, up, up above the clouds.

One day Lillian had a birthday party.
Balloons were everywhere! Big balloons, little balloons, round balloons, skinny balloons... pink balloons, red balloons, yellow balloons, green balloons! Lyle and Lillian had a wonderful time opening presents, eating chocolate cake with sprinkles, and playing duck-duck-goose.

When the party was over, each guest chose a balloon to take home. By the time Lillian’s baby brother Mikey grabbed the last little balloon a strong wind had begun to blow. WHOOSH!! It pulled all the balloons up and soon they looked like tiny, colorful dots in the big, blue sky.

Lillian watched all the balloons float away together and then looked at Lyle who was tied to her wrist. She slowly untied his string, and when the next gust of wind came along, she opened her fingers very gently...

...and WHOOSH!!! set him free. As Lyle rose quickly into the air, he looked back at his friend with surprise. Lillian was smiling and waving goodbye as he floated high into the sky, up, up, up above the clouds where he had always wanted to be.


melody said...

i love them so much! you did such an awesome job- i love your drawing and coloring technique

The Robertson Family said...