May 31, 2009

This Little Piggy

Aaaaaagh! On Tuesday we went to Life's a Beach with a friend. It's basically a bar and grill type place with a sandy beach (no water) on the back of the restaurant. Well, the whole thing was dry and lovely except one spot- this one! Hannah found it and was a bad influence to the other kids there who jumped in as well! Haha. I bet that mud felt really good on a hot day. Look at those legs just splashing in it! I had to throw away these clothes they were so far gone. Thankfully our friend had brought a shirt for Hannah to have that was too small for her daughter so she wore that home. It was fun.

The dried up result. The girls with guilty looks. : ) " What do you mean, bath?"

Goose and Cheeks watching a video. You can guess which one is cheeks.

Dax took this picture of the girls in conversation. "Do you think we should put up mommy and daddy's laundry for them?" "Yes, let's do it!"

Hannah putting her animals to sleep and giving them "cold water."

Mom and daughter in "discussion."

On Thursday I attended Megan's elementary school production of The Music Man! It was so fun and entertaining. There are some really talented little kids at her school. She has worked on it all year- did everything but the sets herself and I was really impressed.

My new style. : ) Hannah and Chloe were invited to their first birthday party! Big Al the balloon man was there and turned out amazing creations at the speed of light. This hat was actually one of the more simple ones and he didn't make two of the same thing all afternoon.

Chloe doesn't know what to do with this balloon sword.

Big Al is still working hard. Yay! My first children's book is finally complete after two months of work and has been delivered!! This is Jessica holding it up. The title is Lyle and Lillian (Lillian being the 3 year old recipient). For those who wrote me back with some helpful comments when I e-mailed the story out- thanks!! You'll all be getting a copy soon. I'll post some of the drawings in a minute. What will not be posted? Videos. Someday....

Back to the party... there were about 10 kiddie pools in the backyard, delicious food, great party favors, and fun company. Jessica puts a lot into her parties and it was a great time.

Chloe in her frog bikini (with the birthday boy and girl's grandma).

She loved the water.

Hannah's favorite pool turned drinking fountain.

I wanted to jump in too!!!

Today was the last day of softball for Dax. So many games got moved, rained out, etc. the igrls and I only saw 2 or 3. Today was the tournament but they didn't advance. Oh well, Dax had a fun time with the league. As for me, I'm going to play CATS this month! I've never played or seen this musical so I'm excited about it. I leave you with a conversation I over heard between two 11 year old girls.

" Oh my gosh, I've been sooooo busy lately I haven't even called you!!"

"What have you been busy with?"

"Ohhh, knitting."

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melody said...

i love the black and white picture of hannah and chloe!

that party looks like fun- all of those pools are crazy!