May 9, 2009

The Week Flew By

On Mondays I've started taking the girls to one of my student's houses to watch her and her brother while their parents are at work for a little extra income. They go to a private school/homeschool so that's why they aren't at school. I basically entertain my own children, keep Reid on track with his schoolwork and stay there for the good part of the day. For some reason Hannah calls Lauren and her brother both "Pepsi." I can't figure out why but she's consistent every time we go over there. Last Monday I told her it was time to go and she gave me the saddest look and said "Pepsi whole day!" I didn't even know she knew that little phrase. Every day she says 10 new things. Tuesday we went to the Plano Nature Preserve with some friends. In this picture, the girls are ready for their long walk.

Chloe and I enjoy a pretty view.

Hannah and friends. These girls are almost 3 and truly understand what it means to pose for the camera...Hannah does not care much for cameras.

Hannah being dramatic about something. I think they were all spreading their fingers far apart and marveling at that- who knows. They were funny throughout the walk and all got super excited when we reached a path that had roly polys everywhere. "Wowy Powys!" they all shouted over and over again. We played on the playground for awhile and ate a picnic lunch.

My new invention- the Sippy Stein.

Chloe has graduated to the high chair!!! She is too plump for her Bumbo chair now. The challenge is getting her to stay in a comfortable sitting position with various towels stuffed around her. She has also tried green beans now but is still more interested in staring at Hannah's food than eating her own. This event caused me to go look up Hannah's first high chair pictures...which led to me looking at way too many pictures and reminiscing for too long.

As I was preparing things for Hannah's bath I put Chloe in the floor outside the bathroom. I came back to find them both like this just looking at me. Look at those tired faces- a long day!
I guess Hannah's foot wanted to be in the picture too.

Sweet girls. Look at that roll under Chloe's chin- that's just one of many. It is so hard to keep her clean and dry with all these rolls!

Yes, our tv is still in the garage. We did drag it out so Dax could watch 24 as it came on and I kept it our for what I thought was the Biggest Loser finale. Anyway, Chloe's reaction is to stare in wonder at that amazing colorful box since she doesn't ever see it. This time she stared, slowly reached out and moved her fingers like she was trying to grab things off the screen.

She likes to grab other things too- like my cereal while I'm trying to eat it. She did not like the cold milk spilling onto her legs and neither did I. : )

Everything else in a nutshell: Dax and I have one more show tomorrow and we're finished! These have been late nights. I've been working on some illustrations for a children's book I just finished- thanks to all who helped me with it! We're also organizing and selling a lot of music books- Dax has them listed on Facebook for those who are interested. We're planning on having a garage sale soon. Wednesday we went to the library and I've been checking out the good old "Frances" books for Hannah. We loved those as kids. Do you know Frances the badger? We also discovered a set of books about two pigs named Toot and Puddle. They are great books- really original yet simple at the same time. The unusual watercolor artwork is really fun to look at too. As for myself, I've been invited to join a book club so I'm excited about that. Unrelated, I'm reading a book called 1 year to complete organization- I know, I know, but this one might really work!! And I've cleaned and cleaned this week since we've had a lot of babysitting going on and plenty of messes. The house never looks any cleaner to me, though, so I'm hoping the garage sale will help us get rid of all this stuff!!! Oh, and Anna is off on her exotic cruise to Greece and Turkey. We took her to the airport on Thursday. We hope she's having a great time. I promised some videos and I do still have several little ones saved up- it's just they take a crazy amount of time to put on the blog. Maybe I'll be able to get to it this week. Until next time...!


The Robertson Family said...

Whoa, my contacts dried out reading this blog haha. I thought about having a garage sale but for the last 3 weekends it has rained so I just caved in and donated everything to goodwill. It was just out of hand...the kids had so many toys that they couldn't enjoy them and I was tired of finding them all over the house! Pepsi..hmmmm that is funny! lol

melody said...

chloe looks so happy to be in that stroller
i love pepsi- i'm gonna start calling people pepsis