Jun 6, 2009

Busy Week

Let's see... we did a lot of stuff this week. I almost can't remember much of what went on. Monday we dragged the tv out of the garage to see Conan O'Brien's first Tonight Show. It was alright but it's not going to make us get the tv back out permanently. We worked on preparing for the garage sale. I was a little worried- I spent as little money as possible on material for the signs but it still seemed like a lot. What if we spent more on that than we earned at the sale?

Tuesday I took the girls to an early church service and gathering. Wednesday was another garage sale prep day. It takes a lot of work!! Thursday we had a swim playdate with some friends. I loved getting into a nice cool pool. Hannah was scared of the water at first and as soon as she got over that, she was scared of the owner's dogs, then she was scared of each little fly she saw. It was a scary day. She wasn't scared, however, of jumping off the diving board with me and going pretty far under. I ran off to teach a lesson that afternoon at which the student finally had some breakthroughs! That always makes a teacher's day.

Friday was another whirlwind. A playdate in Dallas with Megan- pictures below, ballet class started again, I taught another lesson, errands to run, and the garage sale set up all night.

All the blondies play on Phoebe's new bed.

"Look what I found!"


Finley and Chloe are pretty close in size now.

Chloe shows her temper.

More swimming!

Chloe loves to swing.

"Hey, that baby is sucking water out of my hat!"

Tending the garden. Poor Hannah doesn't get to do this at home since we only have weeds right now.
At last!!! We finally had our garage sale. It seemed like such a big project to us we thought we would keep putting it off. Nana came to help and Dax was the sole money handler. I get anxious when I have to make change on the spot and my mind freezes. I mainly ran errands and organized stuff.

Chloe wasn't much help.

Dax finally gets breakfast during the first lull.

What a find!!!

I was surprised at what sold, really. We were only left with one table of items and some other things. I thought the bed frame, small furniture, and electronics would go fast. Things like my stack of tornado videos from when I was a fanatic I thought were here to stay. Nope. A little girl saw them and freaked out. Her grandfather forked over the 2.50 and shrugged. He said they didn't even have a VHS player! I'm not sure how that will work out but at least she's happy. Another proposed no-seller was all of Dax's Russian books- history, novelty, etc. Who pulls up but an entire Russian family in a van. You never know, I guess. Meanwhile we still have the bed frame. We made over $250! We are basically saving it to have work done on the cars. Kind of depressing, but also relieving. : ) The house has been an utter wreck for a couple of weeks- so awful. I'm so glad to begin cleaning it up now. I actually never thought I would say that....


melody said...

yay! i'm glad the garage sale was a success!

gioiarioia said...

Hey - next time you are in Memphis you can run our yard sale! Deal?

The Robertson Family said...

Wow you have been mighty busy! I would type more but my contacts are drying out and I can barely see the computer screen. lol