Jun 23, 2009


Dax prepares to go out of town for his Deaconate conference and the girls try out the suitcases. Maybe they plan to be stow-aways.

I love this face I caught on Chloe. She's still got those neck rolls.

While Dax was gone for a few days, my mom came into town. Hannah and I prepare the back yard a bit with some weeding and elephant ear bulb planting (which are actually starting to come up now despite by brown thumb). We can't resist playing in the water.

Such a sweet girl.

On with the show- here is the pit for CATS. Not a lot of room down there!
My seat is up one and to the left of the trumpeter in the picture- right in front of the first trumpet's bell, which can be fun sometimes.

Heather and I ready for the dress rehearsal. The first 3 shows have gone well and the audience seems like they enjoy it. I can't see much from my seat but we get stomped on quite a bit, get stage smoke blown in our direction, and once some kind of tiny metal thing fell through a slat and hit the bell of my horn. It's been fun since I always have a great time with Heather.

Back at home- Hannah is working on mastering the bigger potty now and rather than pretending her dolls are learning too, she chooses "big blue ball" to be potty trained.

Back to the crib formation we go even though there's still no way we're putting them in the same room at night. It's actually functioning as a fun little play area and it's super helpful when I need to put up clothes or do some other chore that would go much quicker without someone underfoot every step of the way.

Grandma's here!!! No, she didn't immediately put on her pjs and lie on our couch. She came in Saturday afternoon and spent the night with the girls while I played the show. Sunday morning I stayed home from church so we could spend some time together. We went out for lunch and had a great time at IKEA that afternoon. We got a cool little shelf for the girls' room I'll have to put up soon. Monday, Grandma spent most of the day with them while I did my babysitting duty. Wow! What a difference to go by myself. Of course the kids I watch are old enough to not really even need a sitter so I read a book, we watched the Food Network, had actual conversations, what a relaxing time! That night I went to a rehearsal for Touch of Brass. That's the quintet I played with a couple of years ago. We did some weddings and Christmas gigs and made a nice little demo down in Dallas. Anyway, people got married, had kids, lost touch, and now it's vamping up again. The rehearsal was quite nice and I really enjoy the folks in the group. Tuesday, we all went to the library for our regular storytime then off to the mall for lunch, shopping, (where my mom dissappointed one of those Dead Sea Soap kiosk people who thought he'd convinced my mom to buy some hand cream) and the play area. The girls were excellent and it was such a great treat to get to be with my mom for a few days. Tonight we hung out once the girls went to bed and did a crossword puzzle together. I have to admit I've NEVER done a crossword before. I just assumed they were all full of obscure words I had never encountered so I didn't see much enjoyment at that. However, we had a pretty fun time and actually finished. I might just do one again soon.

Grandma goes back home tomorrow and it will be sad to see her go. We love you!!!
In the meantime, it's our anniversary today- 8 years! It's also Chloe's 8 month birthday today!

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