Jul 11, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July from the Stokes Family!

Tickling gets a smile but also an awkward pose. On July 4th we tried out our local "festival." It was not so good last year and not so good this year either so I don't think we'll go back. We'll head a few minutes down the road to bigger and more organized events next year I think.
; )
After staying for a few minutes we opted for McDonald's ice cream cones instead. We went to a church service and then met some other church folks for a pizza buffet before the fireworks.

I explained to Hannah that the fireworks would be very loud, very colorful, and very big. She's too young to remember last year so she really couldn't picture what I was talking about. Here we are walking down to the grassy area down the street from church. They shoot the fireworks from the UNT football stadium.

All gathered together waiting for the show.

Hannah practices her marching.

The fireworks started and Chloe loved them. She held out her hands and twitched and blinked at each explosion but hardly ever looked away. Raina is laughing at her. : )

Hannah agreed that they were loud like I promised so Dax held her ears the whole time. We think she thought it was pretty neat, but for the big finale Dax looked down and saw that she was asleep! Since that night, she talks about the fireworks pretty much all day. "Fireworks weewy weewy weewy loud! Fireworks weewy POP!" Everything reminds her of those fireworks. Lately on her magnadoodle she has been instructing me to draw helicopters, Barney with a lawnmower, Barney with a vaccuum, and now Barney with fireworks.

Something else funny- I was going over some little question and answer cards with her when we came upon a picture of a button up shirt. She looked at it and said "work." I just laughed. The next day I put her in her only button down shirt and she said, "Hannah going work." I asked her where and she said, "The library." I guess she's following in Daddy's footsteps? I figured she thinks a button down shirt is what someone wears to work because that's pretty much what Dax wears to work amost every day. It's funny the things they notice.

Hannah's patron saint is Elizabeth the New Martyr. That saint's day of commemoration is July 5 and therefore is Hannah's "name day." Nana got her the Sound of Music, Hannah's favorite thing to watch! A lady at church gave her this doll whom Hannah promptly named "Susan" although I swear she's never even heard that name. The doll came with all sorts of beautiful hand-made dresses and is a really nice doll herself. Dax tells me that today Susan took a nap on the cooler during dinner time. Maybe we'll have to get a doll crade for poor Susan. Dax and I got Hannah this tiny little tea set. She loves tea sets at other kids' houses so now she has her own. I'm really wanting to put a bit of lemonade in there and make teensy sandwiches for fun but knowing Hannah, she won't be able to play with the tea set without those things from then on. Who would, I guess? Here she is wearing a pretty shirt from Greece Nana got her. Her hair is alo done up Heidi style. She's all ready for the big cookout.

Aren't they sweet? Two little girls having a tea party.

We worked really hard on getting the back yard ready for the cookout. My mom got me plants (and a couple of clothing items : ) for my birthday and so far I'm actually keeping them alive back there and it's been over a week. That's saying a lot in this Texas sun.

The elephant ear bulbs I planted are huge now.

Besides planting flowers, I spent the most time setting up this little pool/play area for the kids at the cookout....and then after all of this...it rained! People hung out on the deck but noone even went in the yard because it was too muddy and wet.

Heather, the Norine's and Murphy play the game of LIFE!

Church folks chatter on the couch.

The Longs and Dykes hang out.

Here come the Bentons! There were lots of other people too but I spent most of the time corralling children. We had a nice time. Anna made a delicious birthday cake I wish I had taken a picture of. I'm 30 now!!! Dax gave me two books I've been wanting and a night at the movies with a friend. Anna brought me a plant, some towels for the bathroom and a handmade shower curtain and valance along with some paint I picked out for the master bath. I can't wait until I have time to paint and put it all together. My dad ordered a family sized inflatable pool for us and several other people gave me nice gifts as well. Thank you everyone for a wonderful birthday!!

After the crowds subsided, Hannah tries out the foosball table the next day. She won't go into the house until it's "closed," which means pushing in all the handles on one side and then pushing them all again from the other side. Thankfully she doesn't look at the original side to see them all sticking out again or we'd be there all day!

We enjoy some time outide in a little play tent Heather gave us.

Hannah is into "reading material" during potty time. She's looking at Kohl's selection of vacuums of course. It's extremely tiring to take a child to the potty every hour with so many other things to take care of throughout the day. She almost never initiates it herself so we are still working on that. It would make things easier.

We got to see Nana more this week and were very happy about that. Today she took us to the pool at Texas Woman's University where she's working on her Masters. I didn't realize it was an outdoor pool so Nana had to save us by lending us hats and sunscreen. Chloe is trying on her straw hat.

See you again soon!


The Robertson Family said...

Sounds like yall had a blast! Didn't see you in mnay of the pics though and why is there not a picture of you blowing out your 30th B-day candle and where was all the food? haha

melody said...

chloe is so funny watching those fireworks- i wish i could have seen that!
i think hannah might be ocd...!!

and yeah, where's the birthday picture of you with 30 fingers being held up! haha

Amy said...

Well noone offers to take a picture of me ever so I don't have a 30th birthday pictures. I didn't even think about it!