Jul 20, 2009

End of July

Chloe all ready for church and looking mischievous. Nana made them matching lady bug dresses for this past Sunday but we didn't get a picture. I'll try to get one this week.

I'm crawling!!! Chloe is mobile now and very happy about it. She can actually get the toys she sees although she'll have to improve her speed with her big sister jumping the gun all the time. Chloe has even stood on her own for a few seconds too! She can copy us saying Dada and Gaga and her newest one is Uh-oh. If we say it, she says it back but with a kind of gremlin throaty like voice for some reason. : )

Hannah's latest creation. It looks a bit like Edward Scissorhands or something Tim Burtonish.

Game night!! Dax, myself, Megan and her husband Scott sent the kids off to spend the night with grandmothers and we had the best time playing Risk and eating pizza. Very relaxing.

Scott and I duke it out for final supremacy. I am the yellow on the board so you can see my intimidation efforts were all for nought.

Having been dominated, Dax and Megan move onto the more harmless game of Scrabble. : )
The next night Megan, Heather, and I went to the midnight Harry Potter premiere! We had a great time and even sat in the exact theater, almost the exact seats as we have before.

Chloe is not pleased with the baked potato.

This is what happens when I bring the TV out! haha...

...and this is why I'm not a professional photographer. What a great picture other than the long plant stems sticking out of Dax's head. It kind of looks like Titan's crown from the Little Mermaid which I haven't seen in years so I may be wrong.

Aunt Melody, Hannah has a Christmas present request.

On Saturday we went to Hannah's friend Sage's 3rd birthday party. Her mom built a puppet castle and she and her husband put on a little show! Soon, I'll have my next children's book finished and I'll post some pictures. It's for Sage and will have to be a little late for her birthday.

The little guests. The birthday girl is the one pretending to eat plastic corn.

I've finished the run of The King and I and I get to be at home now. It was an hour drive to the show, a 3 hour performance plus 1/2 hour call time, then an hour back so it took quite a chunk of time out of every day! However, I was thankful for the work and it was a fun experience. For those who don't know, the story is about an English women who comes to Siam to teach the King's children about Western culture and finds herself teaching and bonding with the king himself. It's a nice story and had some good comedic parts too.As soon a I finished, Dax is off conducting his musical, The Pajama Game, a story about union workers, strikes, and finding love. Looking at the poster alone, though, one can wonder along with us why a group of high schoolers is putting this show on. Hmmm.

A pool! When I was younger I used to wander the house and the yard with my neighbor friend thinking up ways to build a pool in the summer heat. My cousin had a pool but it wasn't in my backyard! Since our yard now is not level in most spots and an in-ground pool is far from possible also, my dad got me this for my birthday. It seats two adults at either end, has cup holders and plenty of room for the whole family. I'm really excited about filling it up but it might rain all this week.

Bye for now!!


The Robertson Family said...

haha the plant sticking out of Dax's head! Game night sounds fun..wish Chris would play. That pool can also be fun in the fall...fill it with toys or a bunch of balls. Chloe has grown more hair also,I noticed! Bye for now

melody said...

chloe's looking older in that first picture!

haha- before i read your comment, i was like, what's sticking out of dax's head!