Jul 3, 2009

Home Improvements

She'll either love us or hate us for pictures like these. : )

Dax had a great time in Philadelphia and New York. Here he is in the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Finley and Chloe lounge in the sun.

Haha. The girls are worn out after swimming and swing in the Finley swing set looking rather glazed over.

Hannah loves her Magnadoodle. She has never been attached to any dolls, blankets, etc. or really anything, but her trusty Magnadoodle is hardly ever far away. It's not like she does such artwork often but here she claimed to have drawn Daddy and I'll be darned if I don't see a pretty clear picture here! - at least for a 2 year old. I love the beard.

Nana made Hannah and Chloe matching dresses. I've never been one of those moms who scoffs at dressing their kids alike. I'm sorry, but it's just cute! Here is Chloe in her church scarf looking kind of like a very cute cleaning lady.

Aren't these cute? I'm told matching lady bug dresses are on the way!

If Hannah loves her Magnadoodle, then Chloe loves the mirror. She loves waving and talking at herself. She's also saying "Dada" not with particular meaning but she does do it on command! She's also extremely close to crawling. I hope I her first crawl like I did Hannah's.

I see you!

Just mom and me.

Hannah is visiting Heather (Hevver)'s kitten, Pepper. If you have kept up with the blog then you know the CATS name I gave Heather and thus how Pepper got her name. Heather took her home from the last musical performance. The Humane Society (animal shelter?) was giving them away free!

Rub a dub dub, 2 girls in a tub, washing each other's heads.

This doesn't look like much of a home improvement but I think it's really cool for a kid's room.
A fun, lime green V makes a neat bookshelf.

Aunt Melody painted this for the girls' room! I sing this song to them all the time. Chloe especially loves my goofy little additions to the song so I thought it was nice to have a little musical painting for their room and it goes well with Aunt Kasey's musical painting as kind of a collage.

I've wanted something to give height to this room forever. Are you tired of me posting pictures of this room? I'm obsessed! Anyway, Dax and I were happy to find very inexpensive shelves at IKEA. Our idea was to put all of our books up high, like a mini-library and get them off the floor in his office. We hung up the shelves, put the first few books on and CRASH! I nearly got clobbered in the head by 2 or 3 of them. Well, that shouldn't be happening. We guiltily admitted that we shouldn't have mixed up a bunch of random screws and reinforcements to secure them. A couple of weeks later, we finally put them up again and decided to make the load much lighter. Only our paper backs are up there now and several knick-knacks and pictures. It's good to get those things off of all the surfaces too so we like the end result. Colorful, fun, and homey.

Lastly, since we moved here I have not known what to do with this little entry space to the house. We don't have much of any entryway in the first place and it's the first thing guests see. We couldn't afford anything fancy and you know we like to decorate on a budget. This was a scratched up white bedroom dresser. With a little spray paint it now looks like a more formal piece of furniture and I'm finally happy when I look over there! Why have we been doing all of this and more? We are having a big cookout on Sunday and were motivated to do many things we've been to lazy to do...especially work on the backyard! I'll post pictures of that too no doubt but it was dark by the time we got finished out there today.


The Robertson Family said...

I love looking at the home improvements! You always inspire me with your creativity~ CHloe and Hannah's matching dresses are very cute.

melody said...

i wish i could sew little dresses like that! they look so good!

and your house looks awesome! that shelf high up looks really good and was a good idea!

haha- i used good for everything's description!