Aug 30, 2009

More Hannah-isms

The other night at dinner:

We're having corn on the cob with my favorite: mayo and paprika spread all over it!
Hannah wanted some too, but then stuck her finger in it and started to spread it onto her hand.
Dax told her, "Nooooo. We don't put that on our hand."
Hannah gives him a hopeful, sweet smile and while she bends over in her seat a bit.

Me- Alright, Hannah. We're not going home yet. We're going to drive around the neighborhood a
bit and look for garage sales.
Hannah- Yeah. Okay. And we go post office first.
I guess she's used to all our little errands.

Aug 26, 2009

Family Time

About 10:30am , with my eyes feeling weary and Chloe asleep, I told Hannah...

Me- Hannah, my eyes are so tired.
Hannah- Yeah.
Me- I might need to take a little nap on the couch!
Hannah- Yeah... go ahead.
Me- Okay, thanks!

Me- Hannah, do you know who is coming over today?
Hannah- Yeah! Sage, Lillian, my kids, your kids....

Lately, we've felt we haven't had much family time so we are trying to rework the way we do things so that can change. It's working well and last week we had a living room picnic at dinner time.

"Baby" got into the hummus when we weren't looking.

On another day, Hannah and I made a trio of strange colored play-do snowmen.

Given some free time, Hannah takes after her Aunt Melody who used to put mismatched items in various containers throughout her bedroom. Maybe she still does that...I'll have to make asurprise visit and see! I used to love to tour her childhood room just to see all her funny little stashes. Here we have a teacup, an alphabet cloth, and a cup of water inside a plastic container ment for Pop-Em toys.

It was finally cool one morning after a rain so I took the girls on a long walk. "Baby" came too, but the other baby named "Baby" had to stay behind as she was already becoming difficult to manage before we left. : ) Here the girls have been put under a spell by the amazing lawn mower next door.

On the way back from our walk...I just thought it was a fun picture.

I close my eyes for one minute! (Different from the nap at the beginning of the post : )

I took Hannah to her first movie! We've held back on this a long time and Dax was surprised when I suggested it last Saturday. Chloe spent her first night alone with Nana and Hannah and I had some time together. We went to see Ice-Age as it was the only kid movie playing at the dollar theater. She was a perfect angel. She was excited by the big screen and ate her first bag of popcorn which she loved and ate the entire time without stopping. About an hour in...and also around the time the popcorn ran out, she said she was ready to leave. We played at the mall play area and then had a Sonic dinner. What a nice time together.

On Sunday, Anna served our first Julia Child meal! Beef bourgignon, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake! Delicious! I did take a picture but the beef was not so photogenic and wouldn't have done the meal justice.

Hannah's hobbies right now are jumping from raised surfaces and disagreeing with everything.
"Don't touch that! Don't do that! Don't sing that! Don't say that! Don't want that!" Here she is ready to launch from the fireplace and for added excitement, wearing my shoes.

Chloe is 10 months old now!!! Even though there are days that feel like they last forever, I wish time would slow down. Soon, the days will be gone when I can freely squeeze their cheeks, smell their hair, kiss their toes, and hold them close with a soft head on my shoulder. Anyway, back from being misty-eyed, here Chloe tries her first puff. She highly dislikes anything solid in her mouth, even if it is a tiny soft noodle or something dissolvable. She gags and gives me hesitant looks like this. I'll wait another few days and try again.
It's so funny- when we saw she was getting chubby early on we thought, "This one's an eater. She can't wait for real food." I'm just looking forward to skipping the formula and baby food at the supermarket!

Hannah thinks it's funny with one of her silly "knowing" grins and nods we get at the dinner table.

Chloe is, however, finally accepting the idea of a cup. She got the gist the other day and now thinks it's pretty fun to sip water. Next step is putting her formula in there, but I have a feeling it might be a slow process just like Hannah's potty training. We had to simply take a break from that for awhile. She was angry at going to the potty and I was spending all day taking her bath and forth while she would deny having to go, then end up wetting herself the next minute! She just wasn't able or willing to let me know it was time to go. After having some potty going playmates over today, it's time to get back on track as she seemed interested again.

On Tuesday, Dax has a different schedule that allows him to come home for a couple of hours in the afternoon. He's now teaching Music Appreciation at the college in addition to his library job.
This week we braved the heat and went to the lake for lunch. Chicken salad wraps, cheese and crackers, applesauce, and cookies were on the menu. We had a nice view too!

It looks like I'm on a boat from this view...if only.

Daddy and daughter.

Mommy and other daughter! I just love having two girls. They are a sweet pair.

She's concentrating hard on this bite.

She looks too grown up to be 2 years old! Dax thinks she looks like a 17 year old blond Native American here. Ha! I'm thinking some kind of glowing elf-like girl from a fantasy story. I think we're getting a little (or a lot) carried away, but sometimes we are just surprised by all this yellow hair and her serious blue-eyed gazes.

We have one of Dax and Hannah like this when she was younger so I wanted one too. She's so big and so tiny at the same time.

They race back from the dock.

Chloe just loves sitting in grass.

And finally, I love this picture because it describes them perfectly. Chloe is up close and personal, having fun and being loud while Hannah concentrates on the program and rather than yelling Move! just bends to look around and makes do. The only time Hannah is concerned about Chloe is when she plays with one of her toys (of course) and when Chloe is near the vacuum (off and sitting in a corner). She is so concerned with Chloe not touching it for safety reasons. She can be protective when she wants to be. She even wanted to hold Chloe today when she bumped her head. She gave her a hug and asked her what was wrong. I hope they grow close.

Aug 21, 2009


Me- "Hannah, you have to eat your eggs."

Hannah- "Mommy, I'm too big!"

(being told that she is too big or small has carried over into other things)


In the pool, trying to teach Hannah Marco/Polo.

Me- Marco!
Hanna- Marco!
Me- No, you say Polo!
Hannah- Polo!
Me- Marco!
Hannah- Marco!
Me- No, I say Marco, you say Polo. Marco! Polo! Like that!
Hannah- Marlo! Poco!

I give up. : )


Aug 20, 2009


Well, the weekend we had envisioned did not go as planned for any of us in our family. The girls did wonderfully in the car on the way to Collierville, but as soon as we arrived we got word that Granny had suffered a heart attack- a blood clot had made it's way up to an artery. She seemed fine that evening at the hospital according to those who saw her. The next day, her heart stopped due to some pressure around it and the doctors considered her to be gone. However, when my mother went in and talked to her, she opened her eyes!! The doctors thought it to be a miracle and said they've never seen such a thing happen. She is still in the ICU and very weak but has shown improvements little by little and is even able to smile at jokes, so we are hopeful for the future and thankful to God to have her still with us. Needless to say, no one including myself was interested in doing much else than visiting Granny or getting updates on Granny no matter how small. The girls and I were without a car and with my sisters catching up on some sleep :) we hung out around the house and managed to do a few things here and there. Evening was my favorite time. The girls were asleep and I could enjoy some Panchos Cheese Dip and a movie with my family to relax.

Dax's weekend didn't go as planned either. He got too sick to do much and had to cancel his trip to the monastery he was looking forward to. Well, we're back home and settled now, so on with life and whatever good times come our way!

Oh how I wish our grass looked like this. Hannah and Chloe hang out in my parents' beautiful backyard.

Hannah worked on her golf swing.

I like this pose, like she's watching for that hole in one. I took a picture of myself posing like this too...but it wasn't so flattering so you won't see it here!

Look at this, mommy! They loved playing with all the little plants and outdoor garden-y things on the back patio. This thing is a garden snail.

My sisters helped me take the girls to the water park down the street. It sure was popular! Thankfully they had a smaller spray zone so the little ones wouldn't have to get buckets dumped on their heads or worry about all the grown men running around!

Mary Beth, Chloe, and Melody watch the action from a distance.

Wet and happy girls.


She's headed back for more. Poor Chloe, I'm always posting bottom shots of her, but I just can't resist!!

On Saturday morning we went garage sale shopping, one of my favorite things to do....normally without kids. I know my sisters said it was no problem and I was probably the one causing the tension, but Chloe wasn't the happiest camper in Mary Beth's van the whole weekend. Despite the cries of protest whenever I left someone to watch her in the van while I perused, I did find some fun stuff. A picture to hang in our bathroom, a doll cradle and piggy bank for Christmas presents, and some baby shoes. Mary Beth had the best finds with a large bench and an awesome (fancy!) end table for $10 total! Wait, maybe Melody had the best find with her fisherman lamp (pictured above)! Haha! It was huge and we weren't sure what to think of this thing! Naturally we hid it where our dad would find it and be surprised. : )

Then we placed it in a prominent position in the den my parents have so carefully decorated.

Hannah likes him. I think MB and Mel even took pictures kissing his cheeks! Well he's residing in Melody's house now so I'm not sure I'll ever see him again. He is yet to be named though. Here are my suggestions: Emilio, Samson, Ira, and Umberto.

The girls and I made it home thanks to Anna who so patiently drove us all day Monday. I didn't want to leave Granny, but I get updates every night on how she's doing.

Book Club!!! Another reason I needed to come on back is that it was my turn to host Book Club Tuesday night. The host provides desserts so I thought a "make your own sundae" bar would be a hit. I think they liked it! The book was discussed in depth and we had a really nice time. Our next book will be light-hearted since our last 4 have been quite serious. The title is: Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons. I think I'm ready for the pick-me-up. Here are Melissa and Jessica with their sundaes.

Kim and Kelly, both expecting little girls. Kelly's baby was due the next day, but she's loves book club so much she came anyway and even kept writing down her contractions! She had a baby girl, Alison, the next day- right on time!

April and myself.

Makeover! With some paint and a hand-made shower curtain from Anna for my birthday, towels and a mirror from my mom, and my favorite thrift store oil painting, we have a new guest bath. It's nice and cozy and much more put together than before. Our biggest project (besides the awful garage) is now Dax's office. I'll have to post before and after shots on that one for sure.

Aug 10, 2009

It's been awhile...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep up with my weekly posting but lots to do! I'll just give a brief description of the latest pictures. In other words, I guess I'll do what I always do. This one is Hannah doing her favorite thing. Playing in water.

Chloe loves sitting in the grass. Yes, she hurt her little nose but it's all well now. Here she is saying her newest word "uh-oh."

Hannah's recent creation entitled "Big Barney and Little Barney." I love the lone wandering eye and the spotty eyebrows.

It's such a happy thing to see this little person crawling around and exploring for herself.

She's far from climbing into this herself but she loved sitting here...until she found out that jumping off headfirst wasn't the best idea.

At a friend's house we learned to make Banana Boats- basically chocolate chips and marshmallows stuffed into a banana, wrapped in foil and baked in the oven!

Who needs toys? I love the photo poses Sage does every time I pull out my camera.

Look at this baby, spoiled rotten! Almost 10 months old and still refusing to her hold her bottle so we have to prop it up and put her in a cushy baby seat when we don't have the hands to hold it for her. We offered her a sippy cup since it's about time for that but she would have none of it and batted it away with an angry face.

Hannah heard about that study that says taking ballet improves football skills. She thought she would try it the other way around.

One of my first students upon coming to Texas is getting married soon so we went to their shower/reception.

I really love this father-daughter picture since they happened to be making the same goofy face at the same time! So funny!

Here is my student, Nathan, with his fiance. When I first taught him he was a senior in high school who had never had a lesson in his life, had taught himself from a book, and was a wonderful horn player!! He's also a talented composer and singer. Now he's in his mid-twenties, we've gone to college together, and played many gigs and concerts side by side. I hadn't heard from him in months so it was wonderful to see him and know he is doing so well, and marrying his girlfriend of 5 years. I seem ultra tall here and once again slouched when I thought I had good posture.

We stayed at Anna's for about a week, which is the main reason I didn't get to the blog. Our air conditioner was leaking all over our carpets and even coming up through cracks in the concrete. Everything was wet for days and it was hot and stinky at home so we had a nice, relaxing time at Nana's and gorged on HGTV. After 2 repairmen and no success, Dax and I just searched the internet, guessed at the problem, and fixed it ourselves. A simple clog, but not so simple to put the unit back together again. We've just decided to take apart the office where the main leak was and start from scratch in there. Maybe I'll take pictures of our progress but right now it's just a huge wreck and I decided to finally fix up the guest bath before we leave town on Wednesday since it's a smaller project. Pictures to come!

To stay out of the house and also away from wrecking Anna's house too, the we went to a local mall with friends. That's one of the things I love about where we live. We don't live in a particularly fancy town but we are surrounded by handfuls of fancy towns. This mall is pretty fancy and has a great play area, the theme being food. Hannah and Chloe sit in a teacup while I deny that I know the little blonde girl with her finger up her nose.

Chloe says, "Come on in!" ... while Hannah plays with her nose again.

Chloe was super excited to sit on this ketchup bottle top.

She thinks she is so high!

Waving to an unknown someone.

Chloe in her birthday suit and pulling herself up on everything now! I say I can't wait to stop changing diapers but I'm going to miss that little bottom!

Another shot. I couldn't resist. These two might have to take a break from bathing at the same time as Chloe keeps terrorizing Hannah in the tub. She insists on screaming "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" at the top of her lungs right in Hannah's face. It is so loud it hurts my ears! It starts as soon as we put her in the water and doesn't stop until she gets out. We can't figure out why she does this, though it's obviously all in fun. Hannah doesn't think so and begs for us to get her out. I don't blame her.

Chloe wants the part of the baby in the last Twilight movie and is growing little vampire fangs.
Her teeth are coming in in the funniest order and so many at once! Too bad they won't have much to do since she's still not into eating solids that much.

A good picture of Dax and the girls!

A picture to awww over.

Little Phoebe had her 2nd birthday party on Saturday and her big brother is helping her with her cool new ride.

Little cupcakes for everyone and Hannah is thrilled.

On Sunday Anna treated me to a movie and we saw Julie and Julia which I highly recommend. We think we might try a Julia Child recipe once a month as a family and spend some time together! After that we went on a very summery family walk. We head to Memphis is two days!!
Dax will head the other direction and visit a monastery near San Antonio where he'll be put to work with some hard physical labor!