Aug 20, 2009


Well, the weekend we had envisioned did not go as planned for any of us in our family. The girls did wonderfully in the car on the way to Collierville, but as soon as we arrived we got word that Granny had suffered a heart attack- a blood clot had made it's way up to an artery. She seemed fine that evening at the hospital according to those who saw her. The next day, her heart stopped due to some pressure around it and the doctors considered her to be gone. However, when my mother went in and talked to her, she opened her eyes!! The doctors thought it to be a miracle and said they've never seen such a thing happen. She is still in the ICU and very weak but has shown improvements little by little and is even able to smile at jokes, so we are hopeful for the future and thankful to God to have her still with us. Needless to say, no one including myself was interested in doing much else than visiting Granny or getting updates on Granny no matter how small. The girls and I were without a car and with my sisters catching up on some sleep :) we hung out around the house and managed to do a few things here and there. Evening was my favorite time. The girls were asleep and I could enjoy some Panchos Cheese Dip and a movie with my family to relax.

Dax's weekend didn't go as planned either. He got too sick to do much and had to cancel his trip to the monastery he was looking forward to. Well, we're back home and settled now, so on with life and whatever good times come our way!

Oh how I wish our grass looked like this. Hannah and Chloe hang out in my parents' beautiful backyard.

Hannah worked on her golf swing.

I like this pose, like she's watching for that hole in one. I took a picture of myself posing like this too...but it wasn't so flattering so you won't see it here!

Look at this, mommy! They loved playing with all the little plants and outdoor garden-y things on the back patio. This thing is a garden snail.

My sisters helped me take the girls to the water park down the street. It sure was popular! Thankfully they had a smaller spray zone so the little ones wouldn't have to get buckets dumped on their heads or worry about all the grown men running around!

Mary Beth, Chloe, and Melody watch the action from a distance.

Wet and happy girls.


She's headed back for more. Poor Chloe, I'm always posting bottom shots of her, but I just can't resist!!

On Saturday morning we went garage sale shopping, one of my favorite things to do....normally without kids. I know my sisters said it was no problem and I was probably the one causing the tension, but Chloe wasn't the happiest camper in Mary Beth's van the whole weekend. Despite the cries of protest whenever I left someone to watch her in the van while I perused, I did find some fun stuff. A picture to hang in our bathroom, a doll cradle and piggy bank for Christmas presents, and some baby shoes. Mary Beth had the best finds with a large bench and an awesome (fancy!) end table for $10 total! Wait, maybe Melody had the best find with her fisherman lamp (pictured above)! Haha! It was huge and we weren't sure what to think of this thing! Naturally we hid it where our dad would find it and be surprised. : )

Then we placed it in a prominent position in the den my parents have so carefully decorated.

Hannah likes him. I think MB and Mel even took pictures kissing his cheeks! Well he's residing in Melody's house now so I'm not sure I'll ever see him again. He is yet to be named though. Here are my suggestions: Emilio, Samson, Ira, and Umberto.

The girls and I made it home thanks to Anna who so patiently drove us all day Monday. I didn't want to leave Granny, but I get updates every night on how she's doing.

Book Club!!! Another reason I needed to come on back is that it was my turn to host Book Club Tuesday night. The host provides desserts so I thought a "make your own sundae" bar would be a hit. I think they liked it! The book was discussed in depth and we had a really nice time. Our next book will be light-hearted since our last 4 have been quite serious. The title is: Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons. I think I'm ready for the pick-me-up. Here are Melissa and Jessica with their sundaes.

Kim and Kelly, both expecting little girls. Kelly's baby was due the next day, but she's loves book club so much she came anyway and even kept writing down her contractions! She had a baby girl, Alison, the next day- right on time!

April and myself.

Makeover! With some paint and a hand-made shower curtain from Anna for my birthday, towels and a mirror from my mom, and my favorite thrift store oil painting, we have a new guest bath. It's nice and cozy and much more put together than before. Our biggest project (besides the awful garage) is now Dax's office. I'll have to post before and after shots on that one for sure.

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melody said...

the book club looks fun! hopefully i'll find one out here eventually!

i was going to ask you for some names for my fisherman...! i like your ideas- i'll let you know when he is officially named.