Aug 10, 2009

It's been awhile...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep up with my weekly posting but lots to do! I'll just give a brief description of the latest pictures. In other words, I guess I'll do what I always do. This one is Hannah doing her favorite thing. Playing in water.

Chloe loves sitting in the grass. Yes, she hurt her little nose but it's all well now. Here she is saying her newest word "uh-oh."

Hannah's recent creation entitled "Big Barney and Little Barney." I love the lone wandering eye and the spotty eyebrows.

It's such a happy thing to see this little person crawling around and exploring for herself.

She's far from climbing into this herself but she loved sitting here...until she found out that jumping off headfirst wasn't the best idea.

At a friend's house we learned to make Banana Boats- basically chocolate chips and marshmallows stuffed into a banana, wrapped in foil and baked in the oven!

Who needs toys? I love the photo poses Sage does every time I pull out my camera.

Look at this baby, spoiled rotten! Almost 10 months old and still refusing to her hold her bottle so we have to prop it up and put her in a cushy baby seat when we don't have the hands to hold it for her. We offered her a sippy cup since it's about time for that but she would have none of it and batted it away with an angry face.

Hannah heard about that study that says taking ballet improves football skills. She thought she would try it the other way around.

One of my first students upon coming to Texas is getting married soon so we went to their shower/reception.

I really love this father-daughter picture since they happened to be making the same goofy face at the same time! So funny!

Here is my student, Nathan, with his fiance. When I first taught him he was a senior in high school who had never had a lesson in his life, had taught himself from a book, and was a wonderful horn player!! He's also a talented composer and singer. Now he's in his mid-twenties, we've gone to college together, and played many gigs and concerts side by side. I hadn't heard from him in months so it was wonderful to see him and know he is doing so well, and marrying his girlfriend of 5 years. I seem ultra tall here and once again slouched when I thought I had good posture.

We stayed at Anna's for about a week, which is the main reason I didn't get to the blog. Our air conditioner was leaking all over our carpets and even coming up through cracks in the concrete. Everything was wet for days and it was hot and stinky at home so we had a nice, relaxing time at Nana's and gorged on HGTV. After 2 repairmen and no success, Dax and I just searched the internet, guessed at the problem, and fixed it ourselves. A simple clog, but not so simple to put the unit back together again. We've just decided to take apart the office where the main leak was and start from scratch in there. Maybe I'll take pictures of our progress but right now it's just a huge wreck and I decided to finally fix up the guest bath before we leave town on Wednesday since it's a smaller project. Pictures to come!

To stay out of the house and also away from wrecking Anna's house too, the we went to a local mall with friends. That's one of the things I love about where we live. We don't live in a particularly fancy town but we are surrounded by handfuls of fancy towns. This mall is pretty fancy and has a great play area, the theme being food. Hannah and Chloe sit in a teacup while I deny that I know the little blonde girl with her finger up her nose.

Chloe says, "Come on in!" ... while Hannah plays with her nose again.

Chloe was super excited to sit on this ketchup bottle top.

She thinks she is so high!

Waving to an unknown someone.

Chloe in her birthday suit and pulling herself up on everything now! I say I can't wait to stop changing diapers but I'm going to miss that little bottom!

Another shot. I couldn't resist. These two might have to take a break from bathing at the same time as Chloe keeps terrorizing Hannah in the tub. She insists on screaming "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" at the top of her lungs right in Hannah's face. It is so loud it hurts my ears! It starts as soon as we put her in the water and doesn't stop until she gets out. We can't figure out why she does this, though it's obviously all in fun. Hannah doesn't think so and begs for us to get her out. I don't blame her.

Chloe wants the part of the baby in the last Twilight movie and is growing little vampire fangs.
Her teeth are coming in in the funniest order and so many at once! Too bad they won't have much to do since she's still not into eating solids that much.

A good picture of Dax and the girls!

A picture to awww over.

Little Phoebe had her 2nd birthday party on Saturday and her big brother is helping her with her cool new ride.

Little cupcakes for everyone and Hannah is thrilled.

On Sunday Anna treated me to a movie and we saw Julie and Julia which I highly recommend. We think we might try a Julia Child recipe once a month as a family and spend some time together! After that we went on a very summery family walk. We head to Memphis is two days!!
Dax will head the other direction and visit a monastery near San Antonio where he'll be put to work with some hard physical labor!


The Robertson Family said...

All these pictures are soo good. I like the one of Chloe waving to a certain someone haha.

melody said...

i like hannah's drawings! haha
sage is funny posing like that-
chloe is cute sitting on that gumdrop- chloe is so funny!