Sep 30, 2009

Here Comes October

Last Thursday we visited Megan in her music classroom at school. We had lunch and chatted. Hannah and Chloe got to play with some music toys.

Later that day it was so pretty that we had dinner outside on the porch. If it were up to me we would have dinner outside every night, but the bugs are always out to get us.

What's going on here? No furniture. Nana got our carpets cleaned! We cleared out all the furniture and Hannah stood and stared at Sid the Science Kid, un-phased by it all.

Later she found something fun to do!

And since we moved the furniture out, we had to move it back in. You know what that means....

More rearranging! You thought you had seen the last of my living room pictures, but alas, you were wrong. Sorry about that. I still want to keep the couch off the wall so I moved it a couple of feet off the window. Now that there is a bit of space back there, it makes the room look deeper to me. Now the sitting area is cozy. I moved a couple of pictures in order to highlight those shots of the girls I showed a long time ago. Also, a picture Anna cross-stitched was in the corner and I felt I never saw it over there. Now it's directly down the hallway where I can look at it every time I pass. I'm still giving away all non-necessities/loves and I'm feeling so much more peaceful. I love to walk into the bedroom and think- there's nothing under the bed, the closets are clear, the drawers aren't cluttered. I can't wait till the whole house feels that way.

On to more interesting things as I think I was rambling earlier. We went to a zoo birthday party this week! Brenna is Megan's niece and she turned 3. As soon as we arrived Hannah held Brenna's hand and the two chatted like old friends, commenting on dogs down the street and which animals they would see at the zoo.

Chloe and Finley had a relaxing time in their strollers and always smile as soon as they see one another.

Here is my brass quintet, A Touch of Brass! After a few years of Christmas gigs only, and a demo cd, we're trying to bump up business and meet more regularly. Our euphonium player, Susan, put this together. We are also on EBAY. Our first gig was at a private school groundbreaking. The school seemed pretty interesting as they are going to attempt to do most everything "green."

Here we are ready to play our marches and other fun tunes. We even played the National Geographic fanfare as an announcement to head over to the digging site. We thought a nature song was good for a green school. I love this picture because it shows everyone's personality so perfectly. From L to R, Jason (trumpet) is giving information, Alex (tuba) is giving a sarcastic dumbfounded look, Susan (his wife) is thinking really hard about the information, and John (other trumpet) is looking amazed and delighted.

Chloe stays up a little later than Hannah and enjoys some play time on her own with myself and Dax but last night she seemed hungry so she had dinner all over again and ate it all up. Dax says she must be a hobbit (as they have things like 2nd breakfasts and such).

Camera shy and covered in pasta sauce.

I tried my own pizza and chose some healthier options. Lots of veggies, light mozarella, and turkey sausage. I really like it. You only see 5 or 6 pieces of pineapple because A- Dax isn't the biggest fan and B- that's all I could peel out of the monster size can we have that is too much of a monster for any of our can openers. I could only get a tiny slit to open up.

And now time for some words from Hannah....

Hannah and I found a wooden fall decoration at a yard sale that says "Happy Fall Ya'll!" Since it was so cheap and I actually do say "ya'll" I bought it and put it on the front porch. Hannah must not have noticed that part because a couple of days later we were entering the house and she said, " Hey!!! You bring this home!!! Alright, mommy!!!"

H- "Mommy, watcha doin?"
M- "Making dinner."
H-"Oh, okay."
M-"I'm making pizza."
H- "Alright Mommy!!!"
So I got cheers for that one too.

Last but not least, I gave each of the girls a little cup of cheerios to snack on as I did the dishes. Hannah stood in the den watching a cartoon and munching on the cereal. Every time time I looked at her she said, "I'm just eating" and I would nod and give her acknowledgment. Same thing when I walked near her. "I'm just eating" and I would respond the same. After this happened about 10 times and her statement was coming every 3 or 4 seconds, I stopped and looked at her. "I'm just eating...not poo poo." Ohhhhhhh! I get it. The whole thing was a sneaky diversion. I rushed her to the potty but it was way too late...of course : )

Sep 20, 2009

2 Weeks Later

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted pictures so here are a few. The weekend before last I made a quick trip home to visit Granny, who after another bad scare, is still in the ICU but hopefully back on track to recovery. I had planned to visit later in September but circumstances would only allow me that weekend so it was a little last minute. There were some highlights as I was able to enjoy a couple of walks through this nature preserve in our town, my mom's favorite place to exercise. It's really beautiful and as far as I know there isn't anything close to my house quite like this or I would spend many of my days there.

Tree giant!

Showing off my super human strength.

Once I uprooted the tree, I caught it from the other side.

Crawling out from under my hobbit hole? I love goofy pictures.

Back at home, Hannah crawls into my writing caddy- holding all my writing supplies for my class. If I haven't talked about that yet, I will soon I'm sure.

Yay! We finally got some pretty weather and after cleaning out the pool we finally got to swim! Chloe didn't understand that she could not crawl through water but they had fun splashing and "blowing bubbles" which really means spitting water. What do you know? The next day it rained and it's rained ever since.

A couple of our outings took us away from the house during lunch time so we tried a chicken place some of my friends were raving over. They might me mad at me, but we weren't super impressed. Maybe back to McDonalds $1 menu next time.

I've been cleaning out again and getting rid of more stuff we don't need. Now our house is back to chaos. Here Hannah takes some of my lotions and perfumes and stuffs them into the couch. She came to me and told me the lotions were sleeping. I asked her why and she said that their stomachs hurt. They were sick. She paused and then looked excited. "Probably they feel good now!" and she ran off to retrieve them.

I love this picture for lots of reasons. It makes me smile.

Almost 11 months old!!!!! She's learning many things like shaking her head no, pointing, where my nose is, and how to brush her hair. She even took two accidental steps the other day, but she never lasts long on her own as she gets too excited and loses her balance.

Big Orange Country! Go Vols! Anna had us and some Florida fans over for the Tennessee/Florida game on Saturday. We can't wait to take them to a game when they're older and show them all the old traditions and of course the marching band.

What's this picture? Well we did some garage sale-ing before we went over there and this girl got a great deal.

Family in orange.

Chloe anticipates the arrival of guests.

Let's see- in other news: I had another great book club meeting. We have a lot of laughs, serious discussions, and everyone is so supportive and friendly. It's a small group of women in my exact stage in life and just like the book we read this month, we hope to keep it going for a long time. Next month's read is much lighter in order to give us a break- as well as the two members with newborns. "Some Like It Hot-Buttered" is a comedy/mystery taking place in a movie theater.

Dax has started a men's choir at church as well as a men's night so they are off having fun with that right now. I'm sure there are other things. Oh! Tonight was another Julia Child night but with some Gordon Ramsey thrown in, Anna's newest favorite celebrity. We enjoyed some DELICIOUS Beef Wellington, green beans in swiss cheese sauce, herb potatoes, fried lettuce (a new and interesting one) and the best dessert I think I've ever had. I have no idea how it was made but it was chocolate mouse with blueberry and black currant sauce.

I'm personally looking forward to this week as it involves me getting to hang out with Jessica- a movie on my much needed night off on Monday and her birthday present on Friday, a Dallas Symphony Concert (Mahler 1, one of my favorites). Thursday I'm taking the girls to see Megan at the school where she works so we'll get to see her music classroom. Hannah's ballet starts again too. Saturday we've got a zoo birthday party and next Sunday we start Lone Star rehearsals again! We took Chloe to the Lone Star party on Saturday night and she was a lovely guest, enjoying the toy horse our conductor gave her to play with.

Last but not least, another fun Hannah moment...with some explanation. Sometimes they can get pretty whiney in the car, especially when we've been somewhere fun and all we're doing is going home to take a bath and go to bed. What's the fun in that? One of my remedies is to sing well-known songs and change the words to something silly. I sang..."Twinkle, twinkle little car, how I wonder what you hear." Hannah thinks it's the funniest thing and so does Chloe because she laughs her head off whenever Hannah laughs. So I did it several times with the Alphabet song too. Then I gave Hannah a turn and I was really curious to see if she would get the concept on her own. She sang...

"Twinkle, twinkle little my legs. Twinkle, twinkle little Chloe legs." (and then everyone else's legs she knows)
"ABCDEF apple."
I think she got it! : )

Sep 17, 2009

Hannah Conversations

We just don't have that many pictures to post right now and it keeps raining here so no exciting adventures. In the meantime, here are some fun conversations I had with Hannah.

H: More chicken, please.
M: Since she's eaten all her little bits of chicken, I just hand her a huge chunk, like half a breast almost. I turn to give Chloe a spoonful of food then turn back to Hannah.
H: More chicken, please.
M: What? Where's the chicken I gave you?
H: Um, in my mouth?
She had eaten the whole thing in a split second, no remains.

We were driving a bit of a distance and Hannah was very quiet in the backseat for about 10 minutes. Then she speaks up and says, "You're the boss." "You're the boss, daddy's the boss.
I'm not the boss." I think she's been trained well. : )

Since she had a blister on the back of her foot and we were just going to babysit for the day, Hannah wore house slippers in the car. As I start the engine she cries, "Oh noooooo! My nippers fell off!!!"

H: What are you doing, mommy?
M: Writing a letter.
H: The letter B?

H: Making weird clicking tongue sounds.
H: "I can hear my mouth!!!"

Sep 1, 2009

Happy September!

It's so nice outside! We were bored one morning so I took the girls out to a park quite a distance away, but a park they had never been to.


Weee! I know, not my best look.

Right after I posted that Chloe would not eat anything solid, this little monkey decided to eat half a peanut butter cracker! She's still apprehensive about most solid foods but has no trouble putting small toys in her mouth. Poor Hannah keeps getting more and more of her toys put in the closet as Chloe just can't be occupied with her own.

These are always fun...except the hole placement on this doesn't make much sense to me.

Chloe loves to hold hands and walk. It's her favorite activity and she thinks she's a big girl. They are really starting to play together. Chloe is trying to take command of Hannah. If a toy gets grabbed, Chloe makes a dramatic fuss so that Hannah rushes over and returns it! Oh, what the years to come will bring! Last night was really sweet though. They were handing each other lava rocks and taking turns tossing them in a bucket, laughing their heads off all the while.

Isn't this a fun place?

I love the trees.

Mmm, mmm, good. Julia Child night turned out well! I made some tasty dishes for once! It just goes to show that if you follow directions, things turn out for the better. I don't remember the fancy French word for this chicken but it was delicious!

Cauliflower Gratineed- You just can't mess up cauliflower in my opinion, but I was weary of the warm tomatoes. I usually don't like that, but these were really sweet and the whole dish was scrumptious. This food made for even better leftovers.

To drink: Hannah's latest creation, Scrabble Water

And for dessert- Orange Almond cake with Apricot glaze. My mouth is watering now, so I'm headed to the kitchen to finish it up in a minute. Thanks Julia and thank you Anna for the ingredients and the great time with this new endeavor. : )

Our "Sweet Patoot"

Hannah being a lady...and a diva in this picture. Her newest thing is talking about Saturday. We worked on potty training today and she asked if I went to the potty on Saturday. Yes I did, I told her.
Several times we've talked about doing something and she will ask if that will happen on Saturday. She also asked specifically about going to the bank on Saturday. She'll just have to be disappointed on that one.

This Tuesday (as I said, Dax has a couple of hours off around mid-day) we had a nice lunch at home, ran a couple of errands, stopped at Sonic for their half-priced drinks (and spent only a dollar and change!) and went to the park near our house.

More swinging!

If Chloe is happy, she's usually waving all limbs and screaming at the top of her voice. I couldn't even hear my mom on the phone tonight- across the house!- because Chloe was excited about something.

And back home to spread the toys and joy. : )

I also used a movie gift card I had and saw The Time Traveler's Wife with my friend, Heather. I recommend it! She read the book and said it was really well done. I had to bite my tongue a few times to stop the tears, so if you don't like to cry at movies, maybe it's not for you.

I can't believe Labor Day is almost here. We usually go to the church picnic, but as Dax rarely gets days off, we would like to spend some family time together. What to do? What to do?