Sep 20, 2009

2 Weeks Later

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted pictures so here are a few. The weekend before last I made a quick trip home to visit Granny, who after another bad scare, is still in the ICU but hopefully back on track to recovery. I had planned to visit later in September but circumstances would only allow me that weekend so it was a little last minute. There were some highlights as I was able to enjoy a couple of walks through this nature preserve in our town, my mom's favorite place to exercise. It's really beautiful and as far as I know there isn't anything close to my house quite like this or I would spend many of my days there.

Tree giant!

Showing off my super human strength.

Once I uprooted the tree, I caught it from the other side.

Crawling out from under my hobbit hole? I love goofy pictures.

Back at home, Hannah crawls into my writing caddy- holding all my writing supplies for my class. If I haven't talked about that yet, I will soon I'm sure.

Yay! We finally got some pretty weather and after cleaning out the pool we finally got to swim! Chloe didn't understand that she could not crawl through water but they had fun splashing and "blowing bubbles" which really means spitting water. What do you know? The next day it rained and it's rained ever since.

A couple of our outings took us away from the house during lunch time so we tried a chicken place some of my friends were raving over. They might me mad at me, but we weren't super impressed. Maybe back to McDonalds $1 menu next time.

I've been cleaning out again and getting rid of more stuff we don't need. Now our house is back to chaos. Here Hannah takes some of my lotions and perfumes and stuffs them into the couch. She came to me and told me the lotions were sleeping. I asked her why and she said that their stomachs hurt. They were sick. She paused and then looked excited. "Probably they feel good now!" and she ran off to retrieve them.

I love this picture for lots of reasons. It makes me smile.

Almost 11 months old!!!!! She's learning many things like shaking her head no, pointing, where my nose is, and how to brush her hair. She even took two accidental steps the other day, but she never lasts long on her own as she gets too excited and loses her balance.

Big Orange Country! Go Vols! Anna had us and some Florida fans over for the Tennessee/Florida game on Saturday. We can't wait to take them to a game when they're older and show them all the old traditions and of course the marching band.

What's this picture? Well we did some garage sale-ing before we went over there and this girl got a great deal.

Family in orange.

Chloe anticipates the arrival of guests.

Let's see- in other news: I had another great book club meeting. We have a lot of laughs, serious discussions, and everyone is so supportive and friendly. It's a small group of women in my exact stage in life and just like the book we read this month, we hope to keep it going for a long time. Next month's read is much lighter in order to give us a break- as well as the two members with newborns. "Some Like It Hot-Buttered" is a comedy/mystery taking place in a movie theater.

Dax has started a men's choir at church as well as a men's night so they are off having fun with that right now. I'm sure there are other things. Oh! Tonight was another Julia Child night but with some Gordon Ramsey thrown in, Anna's newest favorite celebrity. We enjoyed some DELICIOUS Beef Wellington, green beans in swiss cheese sauce, herb potatoes, fried lettuce (a new and interesting one) and the best dessert I think I've ever had. I have no idea how it was made but it was chocolate mouse with blueberry and black currant sauce.

I'm personally looking forward to this week as it involves me getting to hang out with Jessica- a movie on my much needed night off on Monday and her birthday present on Friday, a Dallas Symphony Concert (Mahler 1, one of my favorites). Thursday I'm taking the girls to see Megan at the school where she works so we'll get to see her music classroom. Hannah's ballet starts again too. Saturday we've got a zoo birthday party and next Sunday we start Lone Star rehearsals again! We took Chloe to the Lone Star party on Saturday night and she was a lovely guest, enjoying the toy horse our conductor gave her to play with.

Last but not least, another fun Hannah moment...with some explanation. Sometimes they can get pretty whiney in the car, especially when we've been somewhere fun and all we're doing is going home to take a bath and go to bed. What's the fun in that? One of my remedies is to sing well-known songs and change the words to something silly. I sang..."Twinkle, twinkle little car, how I wonder what you hear." Hannah thinks it's the funniest thing and so does Chloe because she laughs her head off whenever Hannah laughs. So I did it several times with the Alphabet song too. Then I gave Hannah a turn and I was really curious to see if she would get the concept on her own. She sang...

"Twinkle, twinkle little my legs. Twinkle, twinkle little Chloe legs." (and then everyone else's legs she knows)
"ABCDEF apple."
I think she got it! : )


The Robertson Family said...

The tree pictures were hilarious!!! Kayla has that teal dress too! Love the family in orange.....It has been raining here a lot too.....sounds like you have been busy!


melody said...

the picture of you holding up the tree with one arm makes me laugh so hard-

hannah looks so much like you in some of these pictures!