Sep 17, 2009

Hannah Conversations

We just don't have that many pictures to post right now and it keeps raining here so no exciting adventures. In the meantime, here are some fun conversations I had with Hannah.

H: More chicken, please.
M: Since she's eaten all her little bits of chicken, I just hand her a huge chunk, like half a breast almost. I turn to give Chloe a spoonful of food then turn back to Hannah.
H: More chicken, please.
M: What? Where's the chicken I gave you?
H: Um, in my mouth?
She had eaten the whole thing in a split second, no remains.

We were driving a bit of a distance and Hannah was very quiet in the backseat for about 10 minutes. Then she speaks up and says, "You're the boss." "You're the boss, daddy's the boss.
I'm not the boss." I think she's been trained well. : )

Since she had a blister on the back of her foot and we were just going to babysit for the day, Hannah wore house slippers in the car. As I start the engine she cries, "Oh noooooo! My nippers fell off!!!"

H: What are you doing, mommy?
M: Writing a letter.
H: The letter B?

H: Making weird clicking tongue sounds.
H: "I can hear my mouth!!!"


The Robertson Family said...

My nippers, hahaha this post was cute


melody said...

hahaha i love the nippers one, too-
and that's so funny that she said you were the boss out of nowhere