Sep 1, 2009

Happy September!

It's so nice outside! We were bored one morning so I took the girls out to a park quite a distance away, but a park they had never been to.


Weee! I know, not my best look.

Right after I posted that Chloe would not eat anything solid, this little monkey decided to eat half a peanut butter cracker! She's still apprehensive about most solid foods but has no trouble putting small toys in her mouth. Poor Hannah keeps getting more and more of her toys put in the closet as Chloe just can't be occupied with her own.

These are always fun...except the hole placement on this doesn't make much sense to me.

Chloe loves to hold hands and walk. It's her favorite activity and she thinks she's a big girl. They are really starting to play together. Chloe is trying to take command of Hannah. If a toy gets grabbed, Chloe makes a dramatic fuss so that Hannah rushes over and returns it! Oh, what the years to come will bring! Last night was really sweet though. They were handing each other lava rocks and taking turns tossing them in a bucket, laughing their heads off all the while.

Isn't this a fun place?

I love the trees.

Mmm, mmm, good. Julia Child night turned out well! I made some tasty dishes for once! It just goes to show that if you follow directions, things turn out for the better. I don't remember the fancy French word for this chicken but it was delicious!

Cauliflower Gratineed- You just can't mess up cauliflower in my opinion, but I was weary of the warm tomatoes. I usually don't like that, but these were really sweet and the whole dish was scrumptious. This food made for even better leftovers.

To drink: Hannah's latest creation, Scrabble Water

And for dessert- Orange Almond cake with Apricot glaze. My mouth is watering now, so I'm headed to the kitchen to finish it up in a minute. Thanks Julia and thank you Anna for the ingredients and the great time with this new endeavor. : )

Our "Sweet Patoot"

Hannah being a lady...and a diva in this picture. Her newest thing is talking about Saturday. We worked on potty training today and she asked if I went to the potty on Saturday. Yes I did, I told her.
Several times we've talked about doing something and she will ask if that will happen on Saturday. She also asked specifically about going to the bank on Saturday. She'll just have to be disappointed on that one.

This Tuesday (as I said, Dax has a couple of hours off around mid-day) we had a nice lunch at home, ran a couple of errands, stopped at Sonic for their half-priced drinks (and spent only a dollar and change!) and went to the park near our house.

More swinging!

If Chloe is happy, she's usually waving all limbs and screaming at the top of her voice. I couldn't even hear my mom on the phone tonight- across the house!- because Chloe was excited about something.

And back home to spread the toys and joy. : )

I also used a movie gift card I had and saw The Time Traveler's Wife with my friend, Heather. I recommend it! She read the book and said it was really well done. I had to bite my tongue a few times to stop the tears, so if you don't like to cry at movies, maybe it's not for you.

I can't believe Labor Day is almost here. We usually go to the church picnic, but as Dax rarely gets days off, we would like to spend some family time together. What to do? What to do?


melody said...

chloe is so funny getting excited about things and screaming!
it must be neat to see them learning things- like hannah and the concept of "saturday"... that's so interesting!

your food looks amazing!!!! it looks professional and very delicious!


melody said...

haha- and you on the slide is funny! in murfreesboro, we had a giant wooden play area like that, and it was called the Kids' Castle- i really miss that place


The Robertson Family said...

Kayla has that same pink striped dress..I wanted to get her the black one as well but didn"t go with her brow eyes!! That pic of you doing nothing is funny, and I agree with the holes in that poster thand< why stick your head in the creatures side and he is smiling hahah Your food looks delicious