Sep 30, 2009

Here Comes October

Last Thursday we visited Megan in her music classroom at school. We had lunch and chatted. Hannah and Chloe got to play with some music toys.

Later that day it was so pretty that we had dinner outside on the porch. If it were up to me we would have dinner outside every night, but the bugs are always out to get us.

What's going on here? No furniture. Nana got our carpets cleaned! We cleared out all the furniture and Hannah stood and stared at Sid the Science Kid, un-phased by it all.

Later she found something fun to do!

And since we moved the furniture out, we had to move it back in. You know what that means....

More rearranging! You thought you had seen the last of my living room pictures, but alas, you were wrong. Sorry about that. I still want to keep the couch off the wall so I moved it a couple of feet off the window. Now that there is a bit of space back there, it makes the room look deeper to me. Now the sitting area is cozy. I moved a couple of pictures in order to highlight those shots of the girls I showed a long time ago. Also, a picture Anna cross-stitched was in the corner and I felt I never saw it over there. Now it's directly down the hallway where I can look at it every time I pass. I'm still giving away all non-necessities/loves and I'm feeling so much more peaceful. I love to walk into the bedroom and think- there's nothing under the bed, the closets are clear, the drawers aren't cluttered. I can't wait till the whole house feels that way.

On to more interesting things as I think I was rambling earlier. We went to a zoo birthday party this week! Brenna is Megan's niece and she turned 3. As soon as we arrived Hannah held Brenna's hand and the two chatted like old friends, commenting on dogs down the street and which animals they would see at the zoo.

Chloe and Finley had a relaxing time in their strollers and always smile as soon as they see one another.

Here is my brass quintet, A Touch of Brass! After a few years of Christmas gigs only, and a demo cd, we're trying to bump up business and meet more regularly. Our euphonium player, Susan, put this together. We are also on EBAY. Our first gig was at a private school groundbreaking. The school seemed pretty interesting as they are going to attempt to do most everything "green."

Here we are ready to play our marches and other fun tunes. We even played the National Geographic fanfare as an announcement to head over to the digging site. We thought a nature song was good for a green school. I love this picture because it shows everyone's personality so perfectly. From L to R, Jason (trumpet) is giving information, Alex (tuba) is giving a sarcastic dumbfounded look, Susan (his wife) is thinking really hard about the information, and John (other trumpet) is looking amazed and delighted.

Chloe stays up a little later than Hannah and enjoys some play time on her own with myself and Dax but last night she seemed hungry so she had dinner all over again and ate it all up. Dax says she must be a hobbit (as they have things like 2nd breakfasts and such).

Camera shy and covered in pasta sauce.

I tried my own pizza and chose some healthier options. Lots of veggies, light mozarella, and turkey sausage. I really like it. You only see 5 or 6 pieces of pineapple because A- Dax isn't the biggest fan and B- that's all I could peel out of the monster size can we have that is too much of a monster for any of our can openers. I could only get a tiny slit to open up.

And now time for some words from Hannah....

Hannah and I found a wooden fall decoration at a yard sale that says "Happy Fall Ya'll!" Since it was so cheap and I actually do say "ya'll" I bought it and put it on the front porch. Hannah must not have noticed that part because a couple of days later we were entering the house and she said, " Hey!!! You bring this home!!! Alright, mommy!!!"

H- "Mommy, watcha doin?"
M- "Making dinner."
H-"Oh, okay."
M-"I'm making pizza."
H- "Alright Mommy!!!"
So I got cheers for that one too.

Last but not least, I gave each of the girls a little cup of cheerios to snack on as I did the dishes. Hannah stood in the den watching a cartoon and munching on the cereal. Every time time I looked at her she said, "I'm just eating" and I would nod and give her acknowledgment. Same thing when I walked near her. "I'm just eating" and I would respond the same. After this happened about 10 times and her statement was coming every 3 or 4 seconds, I stopped and looked at her. "I'm just eating...not poo poo." Ohhhhhhh! I get it. The whole thing was a sneaky diversion. I rushed her to the potty but it was way too late...of course : )


gioiarioia said...

We have our couch pulled away from the window for the same reason! I might be headed to Fort Worth in Jan or Feb. I'll keep you updated it I'll be nearby!

gioiarioia said...

if... if I'll be nearby (not "it")