Oct 27, 2009

Chloe's Party

The welcome sign...

The fancy decor : )

The completed pumpkin patch...so sunny and happy!

The birthday girl. As I've said, our theme was Alice in Wonderland- even though Hannah's never seen it and I only have strange memories of the live action televised version. Hannah just reminded me of Alice so it went from there. Chloe is of course the White Rabbit and as you can see, she has her time piece so she's not "late for her very important date."

The tail end of things.

Alice in the Looking Glass

She made a good Alice- the original is below and I think we're pretty close!

I was not close at all, but it was fun dressing as my version of the Queen of Hearts. I was excited to find this red velvet dress with a heart pendant in the middle at a thrift store for a few bucks!

Tweedle Dee, who I thought was awfully cute!

The guests arrive! Phoebe the bee...

Finley as Tigger...

Mike and Jessica as a Farmer and Banana....the poor lady would not take that costume off for the longest time! She didn't seem too uncomfortable though- haha!

Lillian, the other fruit- a lemon...

Little Mikey, the little farmer...

Gary and Lindsey as surgeon and witch...

Isaia as a dinosaur with cute little triangle sponges pinned down his back...

Sage as a fairy.

After everyone admired costumes, the kids mingled for a bit. Hannah even sits like Alice.

Then we headed outside for some activities. The first was "Turkey in the Straw." My version was magnet in the straw. Each kid had a little notecard with a shape drawn on it. They had to search through the straw for their personalized magnet that matched the shape on the card. For instance, Chloe's was a birthday cake and Hannah's was a giraffe. I thought this game would be over in an instant but it turns out that they didn't find it so easy!

Next we threw some corn in buckets to win a handmade coloring book. This one was not so successful. I planned on having the kids line up and take turns but they all just grabbed the corn and tossed it in and came right to me for the prize before I had a chance to organize them! Oh well- they are little after all. : )

Also this little playground area drove many of them away from the activities and they explored instead!

Chloe watched, still in awe of the fact that she woke up from her nap and all these strangely dressed people were here.

Next they headed over to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.

They brought it to the deck where they picked out facial features to velcro on - Picasso style.

Banana and Lemon work on their piece of art.

The Benton pumpkin.

The Long pumpkin- I was told it had my nose and I'm not taking that as a compliment!

Dax completed one too : ) I like the eyebrows and innocent yet quizzical look he put together. Maybe Hannah helped a little.

After we had some food, Dax and Hannah helped Chloe open her presents. She got lots of fun little toys including a Little People block set, some mini-See n Says, and a fun contraption that blows colorful balls in the air. Dax and I got her a toy phone that turned out to say weird things like "Hello, is Frankie there?" and "Hi, I'm Hobo." The girls both love it though.

What Hannah had been waiting days for- cake and ice cream! Anna brought over a fun pumpkin cake surrounded by mini-pumpkin cupcakes. Overall, it was a wonderful time!!! Happy Birthday, Chloe! In the spring, we hope to give Hannah a tea party birthday or something springy.

The exit sign.

Not related: here is what happened tonight. Usually the girls are pretty great about going to bed. Hannah gets in bed at 7 and falls asleep at 7:02. Chloe goes in around 8 and with a little fussing is asleep in 5-10 minutes. Tonight though, Chloe fussed for 30 minutes (I can't break her good habit by going to rescue her every time that happens!) I heard Hannah talking a few minutes later, then I heard silence. On my way to update this blog, I see that their light is on. ? I go in and both of them are in Chloe's bed playing with toys and puzzles and even have their water cups! What time is it? It's 9:00... not playtime. They were very upset when I crashed the party, and after nearly 20 more minutes, we finally have silence.

In other news, Chloe had her 1 year check-up today and everything looks good. She has been approved for whole milk which thrills Dax and me since that means no more buying formula!! We bought the cheapest brand which is still almost $13! Chloe is 20.7 lbs (45%) and 27 1/4 inches tall (10%) so she's a shorty! The poor thing had to get several shots including the flu vaccine- they didn't have the H1N1 (although I asked about N1H1). Hannah got the flu shot too, but we prepared by reading Cordoroy Goes to the Doctor. She was familiar with everything that happened and simply closed her eyes, took the shot, and got up without a quiver of the lip or a tear in her eye! I was impressed! She did burst into tears in the parking lot when I took her jacket off. She had wanted to do it by herself. You can't prepare for everything.


The Robertson Family said...

Awe! Guess I should have done the Alice theme too! I am sorry that we couldn't make it to her party. She looks so cute in her white rabbit costume. All of your costumes were Awesome! And I agree, that pumpkin nose isn't quite like yours haha. Don't you just love being a mom and having all these fun get togethers??? Yeah, Kayla and Preston are asking now to spend the night in each others rooms. haha

gioiarioia said...

What a great idea for a party! Alice was too cute! When I have kids I'm hiring you to plan the parties! :)