Oct 16, 2009

Fall Creativity

Party favors and decor all in one! I drew these simple fall themes with sharpie on cardstock. Dax and I colored them together and now they hang in our den picture frames. We've printed up several copies and Dax will use his comb binder to make them into coloring book party favors. There are also a couple not shown here because they have other uses at the party.

We got creative with blankets and made a tent in the den. They didn't quite get it. I was expecting Hannah to snuggle up under there with favorite books but they crawled in and out a couple of times and moved on! They look cute here though. : )

Our next project is something we did a few times growing up. We used to stuff some clothes with newspaper and make a scarecrow for the rocking chair on our front porch. Since we have neither a rocking chair nor much of a front porch, we made a scarecrow for the fireplace. Hannah thought it was pretty fun to stuff the pants legs. I only noticed just now that her knees are soaking wet. I have no idea what that is about!

A blue head? I just couldn't walk past and not be bothered by that...

Much better! He has a t-shirt face wrapped around the ball, a pillow for a torso, a baby bumbo chair for his rump. and newspaper everywhere else. Hannah points him out every once in awhile, "Hey! A scarecrow!" She also gets upset when his hand falls off and wants me to fix it right away. Dax thinks it looks more like a man just sitting in the den. Oh, and he has a UT cap on now to celebrate the Volunteers....and because we didn't have straw hat. I think he's cute!

I guess this one needs explanation. I told Chloe not to throw her apples on the floor and she promptly put them in her hair instead. This one is cheeky in more ways than one I guess!

For the non-moms, this is what makes it hard to get much done sometimes.

Chloe is all dressed up for church and actually wore her little scarf most of the time. I'm going to look back on these pictures when she's older and sigh happily at the sight of our baby girl who is turning 1 soon.

Laundry helper. After she was finished helping, I picked up all the laundry off the floor. : )

Hannah and her pals strategize their Battleship board. Looking at the pieces though, I think they need to study at the directions a little more closely. Hannah loves playing with anything involving tiny pieces, especially because they are reserved for Chloe's nap time. That makes them special. Some days it's not soon after they wake up that Hannah suggests Chloe take a nap.

Lillian's family is moving into a new house so she played with us for a few hours on Thursday. The girls worked puzzles, read books, colored, sponge painted fall trees, played, sang songs, had snacks and lunch and suffered one minor tiff over a musical elephant. When Dax asked Hannah what he and Lillian did that day her response was," Lillian cried because she wanted the elephant." Dax asked her what else they did. "Umm, Lillian wanted to play with the elephant by herself." Gee, I'm glad we did all that other fun stuff!

Chloe got her first birthday card. Thank you, Mamaw!

Today I entertained the girls by showing a home video. Hannah went back and forth between being convinced that little girl was me and thinking I was nuts for suggesting such a thing. When she saw the footage of my sister as a baby taking a bath in the sink she wondered where her mommy was.

Finally some sun!!!! It's been rainy for about 2 weeks now and I've been dying to spend some time outside. The mall is only exciting for so long and most other activities can get expensive. We played in the backyard for awhile today.

Hannah is looking sneaky here. She's been testing the waters as far as doing what her parents tell her to do. She used to be extremely compliant and shout "Okay!!" when we asked her to take her shoes off for example. For a few days last week she decided to say, "no" in a very nonchalant way- almost like a teenager. When that received negative response, she upped the level a bit by getting mad when we asked for anything. Today she changed it up. "Hannah, please pick that up." Her response, "Oh, I'm busy."

Chloe is of course always curious to see what Hannah is up to. Although Hannah is pretty decent at sharing, Chloe does like to wander on her own and find her own entertainment a lot of the time.

Chloe is still a little timid about walking but she loved this toy when I introduced it today. She put on a face that was all business and walked a quick pace. I could barely turn her around before she was off again.

This is something I find so funny. Even though she doesn't know there is a claim on it, Chloe is constantly sneaking Hannah's ater cup. We give her a cup of cold water next to her bed at night and as soon as we look away Chloe is gulping it up. The next morning she gets the first diaper change and as soon as she's dressed she heads for that cup. It's her routine. She has her own cup in the den during the day, but she'll go back for this one instead.


The Robertson Family said...

I think I am gonna make a crzy looking man for my front porch right now.....Chloe is looking so much older.....Wow! Love your drawings

melody said...

little chloe is starting to look a little older!
that scarecrow does look like a random man sitting in the living room... haha!

i just read mb's and noticed she put that chloe is looking older too- i didn't mean to do that.

hannah really says she's busy? haha! that's so funny and creative