Nov 22, 2009

We're Back

I apologize for it having been so long. For awhile I was out of town for my Granny's funeral. Thankfully she passed away in peace with her family around her. We'll miss her so much, especially for the upcoming holidays. After I got back to Texas it just seemed like there wasn't enough time to do much of anything extra. So now we're catching up. Aunt Mary Beth sent Chloe a birthday present (back in October!). The girls loved the whistling hippo bath toys. Hannah kept calling them "all her friends."

A few months ago Nana got Hannah tickets to see the Von Trapp children, the great grandchildren of the original Von Trapp family. The concert was at Bass Hall with the Fort Worth Symphony.

We got there a little early and treated ourselves to drinks at Starbucks.

Hannah was great during the concert. The website said it was family friendly, but there were a lot more elderly people than there were children so I was a little concerned we would be shushed and given looks if she couldn't be quiet. She tried to chat a little at first but soon settled down and the people behind us even commented on how quiet she was! She loved the kids that sang and was very excited when she recognized the tunes from her favorite movie- The Sound of Music!

I'm not sure if she liked the concert better or all the marble stairs during intermission.

Afterward we went for ice cream. What better way to end a special day? Hannah says her favorite flavor is brown.

Our little Frankenstein. Chloe can now walk short distances if prompted. She gets a big grin on her face and excitedly hobbles along, barely making it before she tips forward. She's yet to decide she can do this on her own and thinks crawling is much more efficient.

We've told most people we know and we might as well post it here. Chloe's going to be a big sister in June! Granny was able to hear the news before she passed away. There's nothing she loved more than great grandchildren. When I last saw her awake, she put her hand on my stomach and smiled. As for the folks in Texas, we thought we would be clever and put Chloe in Hannah's old shirt and see if people noticed. I think only one person caught on! Maybe being obvious is just easier : ) Anyway, we're very excited of course and we'll find out if it's a sister or brother for the girls in early February.

This girl still refuses to drink her milk from a cup. Water is fine, milk no way. I wonder why. Look how relaxing this is. I haven't been holding her while she drinks a bottle hoping without the cuddle time she wouldn't be so attached to it. She doesn't seem too bothered.

We can't have a live tree this year since we're going out of town for most of the holidays. We're borrowing a fake one and rather than have the box just sitting in the den, why not get it out? We can decorate it after Thanksgiving. Hannah thought the color coding system was great. She loves anything organized. In fact she stuck to the colors so strictly that she refused to hand us branches that had no color left because it had fallen off. "That's not green!!" We had to convince her it was okay to break the rules.

She also loved helping put them in place. Chloe took up her usual position of grabbing onto my clothing and not letting go. She should have been born a kangaroo or a monkey for as much time as she wants to hang on to me.

Completed! Every day Hannah will pipe up out of nowhere and say "Christmas!" Then she will mumble things about Jesus having a birthday and getting presents. : )

Chloe wasn't too interested in the tree, but hand her a pencil and paper and she's as happy as a lark. She feels really important and talks to herself when she's writing her novel.

Hannah's selection of ornaments.

I heard, "Mommy, your food is ready." I turned and found this culinary delight. Cheerio Orange Peel Surprise.

Well, I was all geared up to play for the Dallas Tree Lighting and even a little anxious that it would go well. We only saw the music once and were told there would be 20,000 people in attendance. Megan and her family treated me to a great Mexican meal downtown before my call time. When I showed up, no one was there! The event was held at a brand new park that had opened earlier in the day, but rain and cold had them rope off the new sod. People just didn't come out. I was under the impression the tree was to be lit around 10pm but it was an LED tree, already lit, with no one looking at it! Anyway ,we still played for the stragglers around and the buildings around us. Since we were miked it was pretty neat to hear myself bouncing off all the Dallas skyscrapers.

On the way back to my car I stopped at the grand revealing of the Neiman-Marcus windows. One of them had a cool book display. The window to the left made it look like all the books were being sucked up in to a shoot and then spit back out into this formation. The other windows were really strange. They took kids' quotes of what the future might be like and created and electronic wonderland of odd moving figures. One was astronaut monkeys stomping grapes for wine. I couldn't even tell what the other ones were! Anyway, it was an interesting evening to say the least.

We are very excited to make it to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. Hannah asks several times a day if we are still going to Grandma and Papaw's house next week. Today we told her it wasn't next week anymore. It was 3 days. She was upset we were trying to change things on her and insisted it was still next week. Yesterday she gathered a few items she felt needed to make the trip to Grandma's. Dax's old hat, her baby, and a 3 legged horse. I think she's got it covered. :)

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melody said...

haha i love the meal hannah made for you--

and it's interesting to think of learning the concept of next week and how it isn't next week anymore.