Dec 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and December

We arrived in Memphis last Wednesday. The girls did really well on the drive. That night, no one else was in town yet so the girls had Grandma all to themselves. My mom recorded herself reading The Night Before Christmas and shared it with Hannah. Dax and I went out to enjoy a movie together. We saw New Moon.

She and Chloe actually coordinated outfits for Thanksgiving.

Doesn't it "take two to make a thing go right" ?

Hannah loved playing with her cousins and they were a rambunctious bunch.

As always, I was happy to see my sisters.

The Stokes family.

After everyone ate, we sat down to watch a movie. This family really likes movies. Everyone watched UP! and it took about 10 minutes for the kids to lose attention and leave all the adults watching it alone.

Chloe was very clingy the whole trip. Too many new people! Mary Beth and Melinda were able to keep her entertained for the first time without me with a jewelry box.

We did it again! We braved the cold and crowds at the 4am Kohls sale. I actually got quite a bit of shopping done.

Leave it to Mary Beth to look stylish at 4am. I just slept in my clothes and threw on a coat.

Next we headed to Walmart. As soon as we got there I wanted to leave! There were no riots ...but the crowds!! This is a picture from the back of our line. We stayed there for 20 minutes or so and having moved 2 feet, we switched lines, and then switched lines again. We finally checked out and poor Melody's purchase wasn't even on sale!!

A great find!!

Later that day we all went to take family portraits which turned out great! It was so fun watching all the other families get their pictures made. I was surprised that all the kids did so well and even smiled! Well, at least the older ones did. We roamed the outdoor mall and then ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger, a tasty meal! Mary Beth dozed off a bit.

Kind of a wait for the food...

Mary Beth awoke from her nap to taste an onion ring.

On Saturday Dax and I were able to go out alone and finish Christmas shopping for the girls. My mom and sisters and I then went to another movie. We loved The Blind Side- great movie! Dax and I then took the girls to visit Mamaw, and surprisingly, Chloe really played with her, gave her lots of grins and even a high-five. That night Grandma read the kids one her giant books.

Chloe tried on Aunt Mary Beth's boots.

We had quite an extended drive back home the next day due to rain and construction, me getting sick, and other things. We left my parent's house at 9:30, went to church from 10-12 then drove from 12 to 11:30 PM! Monday was really busy with babysitting, errands, lessons, and a rehearsal. Finally, Tuesday night Dax and I put up the Christmas decorations and surprised the girls in the morning. It would have been fun to do it with them, but we wanted to spend time together. They've got lots of chances in the future!

Hannah put on her ballerina ornament from Grandma.

Chloe put on her "2nd Christmas" ornament.

There was also snow outside this morning!! Just a little.

The girls had their first taste of snow.

Mixed reactions. : ) Well I'm off to get a haircut and we're also going to look at vans tonight. After traveling with a completely packed car for Thanksgiving, we really didn't see how we could do the same thing with a bunch of Christmas presents and even more clothes since we'll be gone for so long. We need a van for when the baby comes anyway. We didn't have success getting one earlier in the fall so maybe we'll have better luck this time.

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melody said...

your tree looks pretty! and i like the picture of hannah and chloe looking out the window at the snow.

and i like the pictures from your trip home- it makes me happy to think back on thanksgiving!