Jan 26, 2010

Moving Along

Chloe loves her books. I can also put her hair in pigtails now!

Hannah was feeling a little better earlier last week. Jessica and Lillian brought over some muffins for the girls to enjoy. They were gone in an instant!

Chloe watches Dax repair the fence. It's been bulging and bulging and one day when I drove behind the house, I saw that it had finally split and was open wide like a door.

Hannah went downhill again Wednesday and we returned to the doctor. This time she had an ear infection.

Thankfully, immediately after the antibiotics, she showed improvements- and with none of the typical side effects! Thursday she wanted to play so we got out the tea set. She insisted on wearing her gloves. It seems like it would make teacups a little tougher to hold but who am I to judge?

Sometimes the girls enjoys suckers in the car if we have particularly boring errands to run. Chloe grunted and whined after just receiving hers but we couldn't find it in her seat, especially while driving. Once we got home, it took me a couple of minutes to see it, but Hannah and I had a good laugh over where the sucker really ended up. Chloe was able to finish it happily.

Hannah requested this picture. Cool bubbles!

Such pretty days have come our way. We were able to take a nice long walk the other day, and even use the swing again in our front yard. Chloe loves to swing.

Happy girls in the warm weather.

When Dax took Hannah to the store yesterday Chloe kept herself busy while I showered. When I got out, she brought me a box of Cheerios. I thought this was weird because I had cleaned up and didn't know how she got into the pantry. It turns out the door had been left open when making the shopping list and Chloe helped herself. I followed her without her knowing and here she is deciding which box to take next, taking advantage of her new independence. I went back to the bedroom to await my gift.

Another box of Cheerios.

I knew she was trying to give me a message after 4 boxes of cereal made it back there. She earned her snack.

Hannah had fun making pizzas. They were very tasty. I went on to a book club meeting to enjoy mine.

We finally made it back to story time at the library. Chloe can't wait till the end when they dump a bunch of baby toys on the floor. The whole class she points to the toy bucket and smiles at me.

Today Hannah and I planted some herb seeds. We read the children's story The Carrot Seed first- one of my old favorites. She loved using her own watering can and doing everything the little boy did in the book. The old dead fern next to her will be replaced next time.

Proud of her work.

I got these little pot hangers for Christmas. We named them Tilly the Frog and Peter the Gnome.
Actually, the conversation went like this...

Me- Hey let's give the frog a name!
H- No. He's a frog.
Me- How about Tilly? (thinking of tilling the soil? : )
H- Nope.
Me- I don't call you girl, I call you Hannah. That's your name. Should we give the frog a name?
H- Yeah!
Me- Okay, what's his name?
H- Frog.

Hannah has also been requesting things and then saying, "That will make me happy, I think."

Jan 17, 2010

Healthy Days, Please Come Back

Well there's not much to report this week as sickness has hit us twice since the last post. Right after Hannah's recital, she had a bout of feeling sick to her stomach. It only lasted a day, but the next morning I felt horrible. I stayed in bed for almost two days. A couple of days went by with everyone feeling well. Chloe has thankfully avoided most of it. She's really loving walking and has many more interests now. She feels confident on her riding horse...as longing as she's going backward. She also has a surprising new interest in books. I say surprising because since Hannah loves books so much, I just assumed Chloe would be the opposite. Instead, she loves to bring me a book and crawl in my lap. I love it! She has 2 favorite books which are also favorites of Hannah's and she usually brings me one of the those. The first is Mr. Brown Can Moo by Dr. Seuss. The othe is Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle. They both love anything by him.

In the meantime we are always on the lookout for healthy, simple, and good tasting meals. This one at least looks pretty. It was a little too spicy for my taste, but a healthy chicken salad is always nice to eat.

Poor little Hannah. She never ever sits during the day and here she is asleep in the middle of the day. Friday night was awful. She woke up crying a couple of times so we put her in bed with us. This resulted in Dax retreating to the couch while Hannah squirmed literally all night long. I tried to hold her tightly against me and that would help for a bit but then I would get smacked in the face. I just had to bide my time until morning because I certainly wasn't getting any sleep. On Saturday, Hannah was a mess. She could hardly keep her droopy eyes open. She had a fever, a cough, and slept all day off and on while watching her favorite- The Food Network. Saturday night she woke up crying of a stomach ache and I slept in the den with her. She seemed to feel even worse and had some terrible stomach pains which made me feel so helpless!! I took her in to the doctor today since she wasn't getting any better after taking the medicine we gave her. At first they thought she might have strep but it turns out she has "Sore Throat." Really? I said. Turns out there's nothing we can do for her! Well, I guess that's good and bad news, but I hope the poor thing will improve tomorrow and I especially hope Chloe doesn't come down with it too. She's had her own issues with digesting food this weekend but doesn't seem to feel bad. Hannah never admitted to having a sore throat, but the doctor said most two year-olds only notice the other symptoms. Oh well. She went to bed pretty cranky. I hope she'll sleep through the night. Why I am I writing so much about something so common? Well, this is the first time Hannah has been sick in her life! So it's a big deal to us and very new to try to help someone who can't seem to be helped other than try to make her comfortable.

In other news, I'm looking forward to my next book club meeting. One, because I like the people so much, and the other, because I really enjoyed the book this month. Tudor Rose was about Elizabeth Tudor (the grandmother of the Queen Elizabeth we are all familiar with). I did not like the first few chapters but I really got into and was disappointed when it ended.

Here are some places I would like to be right now. Just thought I would share : ).....

Jan 9, 2010

1st Ballet Recital

Grandma's present to the girls for Christmas was this book rack. We set up a little library in the corner and the girls love it. We read in there together after breakfast most mornings.

Hannah is really into jumping.

Happy girls.

Since the holidays are over and we no longer want Christmas picture above the couch, I painted some simple landscapes for the den.

They are so grown up now!

Hannah had her first ballet recital today! She wasn't at all aware of what was going on at first but knew it was exciting. In fact she turned into a little diva! So I'm not so sure show business will be her most virtuous route. She told me to go here and go there. She told me she did not want her picture taken nor did she want to wear her red cape or do some of the moves. I finally convinced her to put on the cape. Her class did a Little Red Riding Hood routine. She found her friend, Sage, who was a fairy princess.

They even took class pictures! So cute! Can you spot her? I had to leave her sight at this time for fear she wouldn't go out with the others. Without me, she will follow the crowd.

That's her running across the stage. Anna and I agreed the most we would probably see from her were some blank stares and a couple of twirls toward the end. This is what she does in class sometimes. She gets so caught up watching others she doesn't have any interest in participating!
Anyway, she did do a couple of moves but from a seated position on the floor while her classmates twirled around her. At the very end, she jumped up and down a few times and ran over to another girl and leaned in to grin at her. Her amazing feats are all captured on video : )
We were proud she even went out in front of the crowd!

In her class the previous day, she wasn't copying Miss Rachel's moves so I called her over. "Can you do what Miss Rachel shows you?" I suggested. She nodded and smiled, ran over to the teacher who was showing the kids a move with her face on the ground. Hannah bent over and put her own face next to Miss Rachel's. "I GOT YOU!!" Hannah shouted and laughed. Of course the teacher found it funny, but I wonder how she got that out of my suggestion to participate in class? Who knows!

Our ballerina even received flowers for her performance.

With dad...

With mom...and still caring only about the flowers. We didn't get a picture with Nana or our friend Heather, but we did all go out for ice cream afterward! You can't give a performance and not get ice cream!

She got "pink."

And Chloe got a little of everyone's.

Hannah offered to share and then politely wiped Chloe's face for her.
Lately, I discretely asked Hannah if she would like to have another baby live with us. She said yes and that she needed another girl. We'll see on February 2nd!!

Jan 3, 2010

A New Year

Once we got home, all I wanted to do was stay here, so all these pictures are from the house.
Dax introduced Hannah to the Wii. She was willing to play a bit of baseball, but her favorite game is choosing what color shirt her Mii will wear. For a two year old, that's where all the action lies.

We've been able to settle down and play with some of her new gifts. She loved cutting play-do with her knife.

I try working on my writing assignments while she plays but she often says, "But I thought you wanted to play with me!" Who can resist that. So I made this....

and this...

...which she added to her "mountain." Dax is teaching her to call her artwork masterpieces and I can say this one fits the bill.

We finally gave them their presents from us! I think it was New Year's Eve. Better late than never.

Chloe got a piggy bank. I learned from another blog that Austrians believe having a pig in your house for the New Year is good luck.

Is there an electronic toy out there that can beat this thing?

So I've been obsessing over organization. We have 3 houses worth of stuff in this small house. With a new baby coming we are struggling to find new places for everything...and for the things that never had a place. I just want a simple, clean, pretty house. I don't care if the kids make a mess, but I get anxious when it's messy all the time because we simply can't put it all away. If everything we own is out on the floor, I can't vacuum or do other cleaning! If I'm trying to clean, I run out of time to actually cook meals and we open various cans or waste our money on take-out. It's just a downward spiral. Some people just chuckle and say I'm dreaming if I want an orderly house. I think not. I know plenty of people that have the lifestyle I want, and it's not just for show. I'm going to work hard and smart to get things in order. I want to play with the kids, cook dinner, be able to go out and actually want to come home! Am I getting too dramatic? On our way back from Tennessee we made a schedule and I'm happy to say things are really getting done. To tame the toy situation, if it doesn't have a place in this closet, it's outta here!

The girls tend to play with nothing at all when they have too many toys in their sights. This way we get out a couple of things at a time and spend some quality time with them. They get much more out of it. All this, by the way, was buried in here....

Aaaaaaaaagh!!! Can you hear the scream from "Psycho" in your head? We used to be able to park our car in here. It became a wasteland for pretty much anything and everything. We don't even know what we own anymore. I couldn't do my crafty things like quilting..scrapbooking...etc. because 1. I couldn't find it 2. I was busy controlling the inside of the house.

No more! After several days late into the evening, I have cleared out 1/3 of the garage so far. This is years of stuff we're talking about. 2 carloads have gone to Goodwill and the garbage men might fine us for all we're going to put on the street tomorrow. This is the craft area. I can get to everything! I've also found things we've needed. For instance, we bought fence slats awhile back for repairs. I found 10 fence slats in the garage. Had no idea they were there!

Baby equipment- all in one place!

Clothes- many bins have been added since this picture. Once the garage and office are cleared, I will see the light at the end of the tunnel. This means, though, that you may not come over for awhile. Our main living area is a transition disaster. I'm willing to let it go for now for the final result. Any words of encouragement are welcome. : )

As for other news, we didn't do a whole lot for New Years. A few plans got canceled due to friends' children falling ill so I took the girls to eat with a couple of their playmates. We went to Snuffers. Weird name, but their food was delicious. That evening, Dax and I played some Wii (I'm hearing that's how a lot of people spent their evening) and ate some snacks. Dax went to bed 10 MINUTES before the countdown so I enjoyed a peaceful New Year on my own and sipped my sparkling grape juice.

I really like Alton Brown's show, but hardly ever catch it. The other night he made something I actually had all the ingredients for already! Tuna croquettes. Considering I hardly get to enjoy cooking and the girls were in bed, I made a late snack and we finished them up for lunch the next day. They were really good!

Well, the girls are at Nana's house for the evening and I better consult my To Do list. Onward with organizing!